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Ask-a-question-thon for August 2012

Welcome to yet another event where you get to aske me whatever! Questions can be about anything, and wil be answered as truthfully as I can possibly answer. Seriously, you can ask me anything, like "What did you eat for breakfast?" And the answer would most likely be "Nothing, since I average 1 meal per day, and that is usually at night."

So let the games begin! Hopefuly, more than one person will ask something, if anyone even decides to read and respond. ^_^
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Yes Phyrex I have a couple questions again:
1) How are things progressing on your art/story projects?
2) How are you generally doing in real life?

If I manage to think of more, I'll be sure to ask.
6 years, 9 months ago
1) Story progression is almost nonexistant, but that's mostly because I have no drive to write for now. The only thing I have done for recent writing is Through the eyes of a Demon, and the most recent thing in artwork is currently underway. Look for an update tonight when I am finished wiith the background art for it. In general, though, my artwork rate is going very slowly, because not many people want artwork done for them, and because I am trying to perfect 3D artwork and application skills on a computer which can no longer render 3D artwork. With any luck, however, this issue will be rectified in a month or two, and I will be able to replace the laptop I am using.

2) Overall, I suppose I am doing okay. I have anger issues to begin with, and I have been trying to go through the department of Veteran's Affairs in order to get medications needed to take care of that. However, they are VERY slow (I started this process last year in January or so), and I still dont have my medications, so I bit the bullet and went the "herbal" route. I gotta say, it works a helluva lot better than Citalopram ever did, and it doesnt cause heart attack, stroke, ulcers, seizures, nausea, or death.

Let's see..... other than that, I spent roughly a day repairing and reviving a dead xbox 360. It was for sale ($5 at a yard sale) as parts alone, and when I tried powering it on, it would instantly go to either 2 red lights (overheating) or 4 red lights (hardware failure, recoded as 3 red lights). I spent about an hour employing a simple fan mod for the unit (wired fans for 12 volts), then spent roughly 8 hours trying to figure out why I still got the 4 lights. I spent a few minutes with my friend, Google, and figured out how to  re-flow the motherboard. After the reflow, I got only overheating errors and 2 red lights. Frustrated, I improved the heatsinks with spares I had from other computers, and then located and cut the thermostat trace. It has worked perfectly ever since, aside from a sticky disk drive, which only needs some lithium grease, or a new eject motor. ^_^  

So, now that I've written a novel for a response, I think i'll letcha go, lol. If you have anything else you wanna know, feel free to ask!
6 years, 9 months ago
Wow, sounds like you have a lot on your plate for a while. Well, just keep doing what you're doing. Also, have any good games for your w.i.p. XBox yet?
6 years, 9 months ago
No, i dont. But since my brother has a 360 as well, he loaned me Oblivion, so my mother wouldnt feel left out when everyone plays skyrim. I play it on a revived ps3, he plays on 360, and his girlfriend even plays skyrim. When i can get another copy of the game, and a hard disk, mom will be thrilled. ^_^

That, and once i get a hard drive for it, im getting my fave games again.
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