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Commission information

This is a reference for those i'm commissioning to do these pieces.  If you want to do them as well, PM me :)

1) Murrimi, a kitsunuki:
=== If you are drawing a clean picture of Murrimi, skip ahead ===
This character is a hermaphrodite.   She has an androgynous appearance generally, but she does has a C cup chest.
However if you are being commissioned to do a more erotic picture she will have both genders, of canid bits.  Please note that she has large balls.  Not hyper balls, but very large comparatively to other canids.  This is a tanuki thing.   If you are drawing them, they should hang halfway to the knees and be be the size of grapefruits.
=== Ok, stop skipping ===

Primary fur color: Tan; about like this. -- This is the main color
Secondary fur color (light): Nearly white tan; about like this. -- This is the light color
Secondary fur color (dark): Dark brown; about like this. -- This is the dark color

Colors are approximations for reference except as noted.  Do what looks good.

Example picture of actual tanuki: [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tanuki01_960.jpg]here[/url].

 Is like a fox head, but with slightly more round ears.  Use the main color for most the head, the light color for under the chin and neck.  
 Don't make them pointy, but do make them look like they were supposed to be pointy but weren't.  Use the dark color for outside the ears, the light color for the tufts.  Consult the picture of tanuki above for details.  
 The eyes are blue but the fur around the eyes is black, like a raccoon mask kind of, but a bit more subtle than that.. Go for a very dark brown.  The pattern of fur around the head is like a fox, but
Nose and muzzle:
 Black nose, canid muzzle.
 Primarily tan, the main color, make the belly the light color.
Arms and Legs:
 Like a fox, the main tan color, but tipped as socks in the dark color.
 Make the feet more animalistic than the hands, but make sure the tanuki's hands arent full hands, functional but still paw-like.
Tails (very important):
 Three tails, three black rings on each tail banded with the primary tan color.  Tailtips are red, green and blue, tipped just the way they are on a fox, as in, where it usually becomes white, it becomes one of these primary colors.

I am targetting a hybrid appearance between a kitsune (multitailed fox) and a tanuki with the instructions given.

2) Kupi, a moogle
She is a hybrid of an ivalice moogle and standard moogle.   Here is an example of both:
Visit here for examples of all sorts of moogles.

This piece of artwork requires no rating for while she is a herm, she will like most moogles not be displaying a specific gender.

The single antennae with the large ball at the end is a pom.  My pom color should be orange.   Like Ivalice moogles, I have the long rabbit like ears.   My head is more ivalice shaped (like tactics advance, and FF12 moogles) but my nose is somewhat bigger and red.
My torso is rounder and shaped more like a standard FF6 moogle.   I have the batlike wings of most moogles, also in purple.   If I am drawn in any sort of outfit it will either be a red, blue or white mage.   I'll be specific when making the commission.
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