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Goldy Fox and The Three Wolves

Once upon a time there were three wolves. A black wolf, a grey wolf, and a white wolf. They lived in a large den in the woods. Today they were sitting down to a stake dinner.

“This stake is to lean.”  Complained the black wolf.

“This stake is to over seasoned.” complained the white wolf.

“I burnt this one.” moaned the grey wolf.

After deciding that the grey wolf can’t cook the wolves decide to go out for a stake dinner, and also go on the hunt fox foxes to play with later in the night.

Strolling through the woods this evening was young Godly Fox. As he strolled down the forest path his nose caught the deliciously inviting scent of stake. Craving any kind of meat in his muzzle the fox fallowed the sent.

The fox quickly found the three wolves den, and found mixed with the sent of the stake the wonderful aroma of strong wolf musk. “This could lead to more than one kind of meat in my muzzle tonight, and that would be just right.” said Godly as he walked in.

Inside Godly found a table with three stakes sitting on it. He quickly walked up to the first stake, and took a big bite filling his muzzle. He chewed for a few seconds then swallows. “This stake is to burn.” Godly said.

Moving on to the second stake, and taking another big bite. After swallowing this one he says. “This stake is to lean.”

Moving on the final stake Godly again takes a big bite, and swallows. “This stake is very hot. This makes it just right.” Godly then quickly polishes of the stake, and not wanting to let the other two go to waste eats them as well.

After all that stake Godly felt horny, and after so much meat what fox wouldn’t, so he gets up from the table, and wanders into the living room to find three laptops sitting around. He first opens the white one, and looks through the porn on the desktop, and whines. “This porn is to tame.”

Godly then moves on to the black laptop to look at the desktop porn. Looking quickly he shouts. “This porn is all strait I can’t fap to this.”

Godly finally picks up the grey laptop finding a porno already running. “Finally porn that is just right.” He said as he began to fondle his fox hood.

After a few minutes Godly felt he needed a little bit more to get off so his eyes traveled to a group of sex toys. The first a barbed feline dildo was met with. “This dick is too spiky.”  

The second a vibrating rod had peeked his interest until he turned it on “This one is dead.” Godly whined.

Then his eyes met with the large wolf dildo as he grasped it in his paws, and smiled “This one will be just right.”

Before heading back to the computer he checked out the selection of lube in an open drawer. “To sticky, to cheap, out.” Where a few of his responses as he went through the drawer. Finally he found one that was in his words. “Just right.”

He returned to the computer, and lubed you the rubber cock as well as his tail hole before shoving half of it into his ass on the first go. The little fox only lasted a few minutes before he released.

Yawning he walked over to couch and curled up for a nap.

Later that evening the three wolves returned to find their neglected stakes eaten, and the living room defiled. The black wolf’s eyes moved towards the couch where the little fox was asleep.

“Get up fox.” Was the first thing Goldy heard as the black wolf pulled him off the couch. Goldy managed a quick yip before the wolf had his paw on his muzzle. “This end is too yappy, and his paws are too small. Then again his tail hole is...” Goldy flinched as the wolf stuck a finger inside. “Nice, and tight.” The wolf finished.

Godly heard the black’s wolf’s zipper come undone a few seconds before he felt his hot head pressing against his tight tail hole. The grey wolf was looking for something in a closet muttering things “To big, to small, but this one...” Godly shut his eyes as the black wolf thrust in, and the grey one came up. He heard a click. “Yes this one is just right.” The grey wolf said.

Godly opened his eyes to see that the grey wolf had put a collar, and leash on him. The grey wolf gave the leash a quick tug as he undid his pants to reveal a tight pair of red underwear struggling to hold his wolf hood in. Pre was already dripping through. Goldy whined a bit as the black wolf pushed a little harder inside him.

The grey wolf gave the leash another quick tug to bring the foxes muzzle to waist level. “Well fox. It is not going to suck its self.” The grey wolf growled. Goldy pulled the waistband of the wolf's underwear down letting the wolf's erection hit him on the nose. He starts to timidly lick at the tip of the wolf's dick. “That’s a good fox now why don’t you show me how much you can take.”

Goldy eagerly took the wolf hood into his muzzle. It was only then that he noticed the white wolf sitting back watching the show. Slowly stroking him self. He sat there for about five minutes just slowly stroking his thick cock.

When he finally got up Goldy had established a rhythm with the first two. Goldy's eyes wandered to admire the wolf's member. He was punished with a cock slap from the wolf "Don't look unless your told fox." The white wolf growled.

Suddenly Goldy's position was switched as the black wolf leaned on the floor. This allowed Goldy to use his front paws. "That should make this more fun. " Said the black wolf.

"Now little fox you may touch my manhood." The white wolf said. Timidly Goldy reached out and ran his paw down the wolf's dick. Then growing braver he tried to wrap his paw around the wolf's member.

This went on for a short time Goldy was in ecstasy he never thought his walk through the Forrest would lead to a gang bang between him, and three incredibly hot wolves. Goldy looked up to see the grey, and white wolf exchange a nod. The white wolf gave a swift tug of the leash his. Cock sliding out of godly's muzzle smoothly. "Now suck us both fox." The white wolf ordered.

Goldy slowly moved his muzzle from the grey wolf to the white. His nose filled with his strong musk. Goldy began to pick up the pace. Sucking eagerly at both of the wolves, as the black wolf worked his knot into his tight hole.

“Alright fox time for you to get filled.” Grunted the black wolf as he made one last strong thrust into the fox. Goldy felt the hot seed fill his insides as he brought the other two wolves to climax. Goldy’s face was covered in thick hot wolf spunk by the time the two wolves where done.

Goldy felt the black wolf pull out as he panted. Tonight had been the fox’s dreams come true. “Get up fox.” Ordered the grey wolf as he dragged him by the leash to an empty closet. Expertly he wrapped the leash round a bar. and tied the fox’s paws together.

“Now you be a good little fox, and get your rest you are going to have a big day tomorrow.” the white wolf said as he gave Goldy a firm spanking before shutting the closet door.

Goldy shut his eyes to dream of what the wolves would do to him tomorrow muttering to himself. “This night was just right.”

The End.  
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