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...just to put something here. To be truthful, I have no idea why I even joined Inkbunny. Not to say the site isn't great cause honestly it is much nicer looking that FurAffinity. But while being a user of FA, I've never really crossed a point of image sizes that really condones needing something larger than 1280x1280 or even any kind of drawing anything that involves adult content. Also the idea of having more than one gallery dedicated to the same content as another gallery is kind of pointless especially if the same people watch you on both sites (for me it is technically three sites but I decided to pretty much leave my DeviantArt site for an undetermined amount of time).

So what exactly does this mean for my activity on here? I don't know to be quite honest. I really don't know if posting the same content on two different sites to the same viewers doesn't really seem to be very interesting. Not saying that I don't appreciate having viewers who like seeing my stuff on different sites but it just doesn't really seem to serve much of a purpose really.

So what exactly does this mean as far as activity here on InkBunny for me? I don't really know, is it really worthwhile to be submitting the same things on different sites or is it better to submit things that are completely different from other sites?
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
Well as it's said (in at least one review), FurAffinity is, perhaps unsurprisingly, big because it managed to be the first to do what it does and do it effectively, and it's hard to move off of it from there, so there's the dilemma. IB is new and small like that, but tries to include all the features needed to make the transition easy if you really want it (including FA⟶IB migrator (thanks to IB's API), optional guest-viewing of mature content, and of course tag blocking for those not into IB stuff).

On choosing whether to use both, I think keeping multiple galleries is good for artists trying to push out a little extra exposure for themselves or relatedly an outreach to diverse fans, whereas the artist trying to be relaxed about it should focus on whichever gallery is convenient for their work and let viewers come as they will. Interestingly the original intent of Inkbunny was to arrange one's most presentable works here, particularly any for sale, but that expanded when some users started fleeing FA for various well-known reasons. Still to this day I see that as another good option for those somewhat tied into another gallery (which may be FA, DA, sometimes even Tumblr).

Not that I'm particularly decisive. I can't even decide what attempted drawings of my own to really finish up, nevermind how to post them.
1 year, 5 months ago
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