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Why some ppl think wrongly of others?

some ppl dont seem to understand why I'm a gentleman.
Hey I may be one but does not mean I cant tease back now! yes I'm pervy but so what?! at least I'm not like some of these other weirdo's are out there. Now before you start first off I'm not gay, nor will I ever be! I dont have a problem with gay guys as long as they dont try anything. yes I do joke around all the time.
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Hehe, here, let me give you a little bit of my opinion ^^

A gentleman, simplified, is a man who is refined, sincerely polite, and is not a "pig". It's perfectly natural to be a little pervy and still be a gentleman since it's basically what everybody is, even if you're asexual. And the only weirdos out there are the ones who do things against their own societal norms. For instance, a man marries an 11 year old in the United States and is deemed a pedophile and a horrible person even if the marriage and sex is consensual -- but in Saudi Arabia, the prince (I believe) has several wives, a lot of them being in the pre-teen age range and it's okay because of where he is.

Meh, you might be pervy, but the "weird people" might not be so weird in other places ^^

Though, there is a saying that normal people are just people you don't know very well, since almost everybody has an "anti-societal norm" fetish of some kind. People look at me and think I'm just a normal college girl because they don't know that I draw loli and shota porn for additional funds on several websites dedicated to porn focusing on anthropomorphic or feral animals :3

Sure, a gentleman can tease, there's nothing wrong with that XP

And yeah, the furry fandom is consisted of mostly gay men, which is where the term "furfag" comes from I think, but that doesn't mean we assume you're gay too :3 You can like whatever you want, mostly free of persecution here. Even if you were gay and you were just trying to hide it, we don't really mind ^^

Think of this as anti-society hotel or something~

Also! I think half of your message got cut out or something o3o but I dunno~
6 years, 10 months ago
::lifts an eyebrow:: Hmmmmmmm most most perplexing.... most most perplexing indeed about the message getting cut short. I have no idea how that managed to take place.
OMG!!! I seen a little comic of a catgirl looking up something like cosplay and looks at someone dressed as a transformer robot and she points and says "FurFag"
Thank you so much again for the add and comments.
::bows to her:: If you ever need any help with anything and I do mean ANYTHING! please let me know and if its within my powers I'll try my best to help out there.
6 years, 10 months ago
Oh! By the way! Tell
this too but... *whispers* there's a... "reply" button next to my name when I comment on your stuff :3 S-so... uhm... I know that you replied X3

And sure! I'll let you know, sweetie :) also, there's an "edit" option here when you click on your journal entry ^^ if you want to give your entire message
6 years, 10 months ago
yes I keep forgetting about the reply button there too... just been so freaking tired here and I sometimes dont spell stuff right and get in a hurry so thats my excuse. pixie's is shes too hyper and works herself too hard there. I keep telling her to take it easy. I really worry about her all the time and I know she worries about me and I hate lieing to her telling her I'm doing ok when I'm not. but I try to get enough rest as I can here.
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