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API Update - Pagecount now returned

Hi everyone

This update is for users of the Inkbunny API.

The Search and Submission Details interfaces now return the pagecount per submission. This means you can quickly find out the number of pages attached to a submission without having to look at its files array. This new field is particularly useful on the Search interface as there was previously no way to tell how many files were attached to a submission just by its search result entry.

With the new pagecount field being returned by the Search interface, you can now emulate the Inkbunny functionality where we show users that there are multiple pages on a submission before they view it. We do this with a little pagecurl overlay icon and the page count on top of that, which gets stuck over the top of the submission thumbnail wherever it appears in a gallery view. But there could be many other neat ways to show that a submission has multiple pages before anyone clicks on the thumbnail.

For further information check out the new "pagecount" properties in the API documentation (there's two places where that field now appears): http://wiki.inkbunny.net/wiki/API

If anyone notices missing fields or other functionality they want in the API then please let us know via a Support Ticket (it's easier for us to track feature requests via tickets!).

For now only the essential submission details, search and upload/download capabilities are supported by the API.



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Added: 9 years, 10 months ago
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9 years, 10 months ago
Thanks for the fix :)
I reported it to the email as instructed in the API wiki:

  "Please report all bugs and issues to admin@inkbunny.net"

Maybe is better to edit that too?
9 years, 8 months ago
Yeah I'll go add "or a Support Ticket" there. Thanks!
9 years, 10 months ago
Thanks for the update.
9 years, 9 months ago
A documented, supported and encouraged API is a wonderful credit to this site and its owners.  Odd thing though, even with a documented API, there is only a couple of Greasemonkey scripts relating to IB. One for SSL and another for light page recomposition, ala Stylish.

FA users wrote a few essential scripts that I'm hoping someone will create for IB. Like a script to list out URLs to all full-size artworks in an artist's gallery. Like FA's Gallery Conglomerator, which lists the URLs to all artworks in an artist's gallery to use with a mass downloader.

If bandwidth consumption is of concern, then why would IB accounts lack a setting to Always Show Full-Size Artwork?  As it is now, bandwidth is consumed by a thumbnail, a moderate size image, and finally the size we save by clicking the full-size link. My browser always selects for the larger size, spawned into a new tab.  I feel bad for the wasted download from the intermediary size.

I like IB and want it to succeed. But the lack of user/community supported scripts mystifies me.  Is it me? Are there IB GM scripts somewhere?  Google searches do not help.
9 years, 8 months ago
There are some community created scripts but people are generally just tinkering at the moment. We may start an official API forum soon so there is one place to go for script availability and discussion among script developers.

Bandwidth is currently no issue but as 99% of users do not click through to a "full" version, the current system saves a lot of data usage.
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