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What to do? (Rant Ahead)

Hi, I don't usually make journals here very often cause usually I don't know many people what so ever. But I figured what the hell in this particular case because there happens to be a few less idiots in certain places that shall not be named  and figured I'd try and get the minds of a few more leveled people ... or the leveled people I watch anyway. So what's bugging me you ask? Well for those who don't know I'm a bit of a gamer, I mostly like co-op games and some games with friendly competition so long as it doesn't become too competitive. Admittedly I am a bit of a bad sport when it comes to loosing and it takes me a bit to compose myself and remind myself that it's just a game even if someone on the other side is a bit of dick hole, and trust me on any online game you'll find a LOT. But this journal isn't about that, at least entirely. As a heads up right now this is only to get my thoughts down on paper, so to speak, and get the whole thing off my chest. Or a rant, to keep it simple. This is not a cheep shot to anybody mentioned in said journal (even though there might be one or two), and shouldn't be taken as such.

You see I decided to host an online game of Ultimate Marvel Verses Capcom 3 with two friends who shall not be named, and as for why I'm not adding names it's cause they know who they are and frankly I'd rather NOT be the cause of a shit storm. Anyway I hosted a game just for fun because I wanted to play with people who were on different levels, both of them being people I know. One of them who still shows me I still got much to learn and another who's on the same level as me but is still better by a land slide, both of them I happen to know and play with on occasion. Little did I know that it would lead into a shit slinging contest. Now just to differentiate who's who let me give a bit of a description on how they act when it comes to this game:

One's a bit of a know it all but with good reason considering they're a bit of a retired pro, because of this they tend to be somewhat bragging without even meaning to. Mostly because they play with people who usually can take a loss in stride because while they're somewhat pros too they can take a loss just as casually as the next guy who doesn't play competitive so they don't know when some of their actions can seem trollish to other players... as stupid as this sounds this will come back later.

The other one is a bit more sensitive, this means that when someone does something that seems remotely trollish to them they'll get rather pissed and go balls out. I say that because I'm rather guilty of doing this a LOT even in friendly games, it can happen to anybody really. You loose once or twice and that's just fine, but loosing seven more times and then on top of that they decide to taunt or say "GG" (good game) can just seem like the biggest kick in the nuts cause when this happens you get mad and then you loose all sight of common sense and just rage like no tomorrow. For those of you competitive gamers reading this you know you've been there once or twice, you know who you are.

Now that we got that outta the way lets continue with what happened. To keep it short, the sensitive player got a little worked up because of an in game taunt which happened in three matches total that they lost to the pro player. All the while I'm trying my best to tell both of them to calm their tits soon finding out bits and pieces on each side. One side thought that it was funny to taunt because they made the same mistake in the matches that were had while the other just kept getting mad and figuring he had something to prove, then I suggested one take a moment to breath and the other to try and clarify things... somehow it led to a bit of a shit storm with one thinking that they didn't need to apologize because one thought the other to be a cry baby and the other .... had something to prove. Yeah I'll leave you to decide which who was who. So pretty much the game goes to hell and in turn I end up getting disrespected because one end thinks I'm someone to be laughed at cause I ask them to be considerate of their feelings even if by a little and the other because they think they're speaking through me. In short, a shit storm. It pretty much ended with one person mad as hell and the other on their high horse, so with that in mind I ask is it wrong for me to feel disrespected? I mean I made the lobby for friends and they both turn it into a shit storm over petty crap that could've easily been avoided, but instead they let their egos and pride get the better of them and make it competitive or make it something to prove. Am I being a bit overbearing or am I thinking about this to hard? With that in mind allow me to get into a quick topic, game etiquette ^w^.

Here's some quick tips for people who play random and competitive matches online, if these don't apply to you then you're already a better person than I or you're a massive twat. Either way let's get to tip number one.

1) Keep Your Cool:
This can happen to anybody, you loose a few matches or someone keeps beating you and yo get mad. You get so mad when it happens repeatedly after you go to tread on, when it happens repeatedly then you got something to prove and forget that your trying to play for fun. To avoid this get out of the game your in after it ends then do either one or two of the following:

-Take a moment and breath slowly
-Punch a pillow
-Listen to music
-Watch TV or a movie

either one of these or anything else will suffice, heck if none of those play a single player game that you've already beaten and beat the mess out of it again.

2) Don't Mock Your Opponent:

What this generally means is don't be a dick, but since that can mean so many things allow me to elaborate:

-Don't tease them if they make a mistake
-Don't call them a noob if you're better than them
-Don't call them names like "noob" or "faggot" as you play
-Don't say "Aww don't get butthurt cause I pwned your ass" after you win (you know who you are)
-Don't act like your better than them regardless how many matches you win (it's a game, if you act like you hot shit after you won a few games and brag about it then your just a pathetic douche)

now for those who think I'm getting on just the ones who do the mocking here's some tips for the ones on the reciving end as well.

-Don't piss off your opponent when you KNOW they're better than you
-Don't mock them if they beat you (that just makes you seem immature and stupid)
-Don't say they suck just because you beat them once (Cause if you beat them once and then attempt to mock them they WILL strike back and strike back HARD)
-Don't call them names (Not all people who are better than you are assholes, some of them don't even mean to come off as such. Keep this in mind when so this way you can tell the assholes from actual nice players)

3) Loose Gracefully

This one pretty much speaks for itself and can apply to anybody who's a bad sport or who's lost more than a million times, I should know. Basically you have to realize that there will always be someone better than you, but how you handle the loss will say a lot about you and if they see you can take a loss in stride then maybe they'll want to help you or become your friend. However if the person you loose to is a bit of a jerk... well just switch to another random and just keep walkin' in stride and keep on truckin', cause even pro gamers can have very off days and can meet just as many assholes as regular players.

4) Winning Gracefully

This one is kind of like the last one but different, this one basically means to not brag in people's face or act like your better than them even if you are cause even a pro player can get knocked down a peg or two. When you win a match you do the basic thing, say good game and ask if they wanna play again, if you keep winning it's easy to get a swollen head. If you keep winning it's even easier to say you're the best at this game and everyone else is inferior...until someone beats you to no end. When this happens you'll feel like a rather big idiot, and be brought right the fuck back down off your high horse. Should this happen you'll want to remember that A) it's only a game and these things happen, and B) ...should you be on said high horse and be brought back down, you deserve a slice of humble pie once in a while.

And now for a rule that I think I feel I need to stress a wee bit

5) Gamers Have Feelings

This one is something I'm gonna stress a bit because a lot of people seem to forget this, myself especially. Usually when someone beats someone in a game they brag a little and go "Yes I won!" not everybody can take that well but they'll generally shrug it off eventually and play another game with you, going up into their face about it repeatedly and mocking them for how much they suck and your better than them on the other hand ... that's just a dick move. To add insult to injury they decide to go "Calm down dude, it's just a game" after they damn near drive their opponent to tears or cause them to get so mad they're use every curse word in the dictionary. Now to clarify, yes it is just a game and while it sucks to loose you can't let it affect your day or your life. Regardless that doesn't give the taunter any right to continue acting like the gamer behind the other controller doesn't have feelings, they have feelings just like you or me. You don't have to go out and write a 3 paged apology letter of course, just show that your not a complete asshole and admit that you weren't able to keep your ego in check. If not for them then for yourself because lets be honest, do you really wanna get labeled an asshole over something petty as not admitting you were a bit of an asshole or thinking your better than them?

Well that's about all I got folks, hope you don't mind the rant and take some of these tips into consideration. Or if you have tips of your own please share but till then, later folks ^w^

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