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My Divine Encounter.

How does one begin saying, they may have seen an angel?
Now that sounds crazy, I know. But this chance of the unexplained happened when I was a lad. I'm thinking I was between the ages of nine and eleven, those early years tend to blend together. Needles to say, I was small enough to ride my dad's shoulders.

It was at the Six Flags amusement park. We were in line for a rollercoaster, I could not tell you which one, I never really payed attention to ride names at this age. My eye wondered plenty, as any kids would in line, waiting patently.

That is when I saw a man, who looked like a monk. Wide and jolly looking, bald, and wore white linens. He was two feet away from me. I looked at him, and...I saw, or rather felt an aura. It's hard to explain. I want to call it a matter of instinct. You look at a bird. You can say for certain, it's a bird. What about a dog? A bike? You see a man, but he's not a man. It will discombobulate you. When I locked eyes with him, it appeared that he was surprised that I could see him, and he waved hello.

I looked away for the briefest of moments. I whipped my head back to get my moms attention, to immediately to point him out.

He was gone.

I looked away for what could literally be 0.3 seconds, and he is gone. The now empty space he stood in gradually filled.

There is no way a man that big, in a line that crowded, could move that fast.

It makes me wonder, if they visit earth. It seems they have rules they need to follow. It's rather cute that they won't just cut in line, they follow order, after all.
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Added: 3 months, 2 weeks ago
3 months, 2 weeks ago
Well anything can seem magical through the eyes of youth.
Plenty of times something mentioned would set off a detailed visual daydream back then(I miss that it can't be triggered now).
Now, that doesn't always mean there wasn't something to it, just that it seems flashier than you would remember if happening now.

Plus memories can malfunction, say "misfiles" a dream as a memory.
Like my memory lies and insists I stumbled upon a primitive jungle swamp & seen fresh dino bones when I was 10, but I know that can't be true because it's nonsense & is logically disjointed in the way dreams are.

There is one thing that even spooks scientists though, is how light and energy behaves when they're observed - they act more orderly, then not if not.
This means either observation is somehow physically affecting them(flawed tools & such), or kinda implies reality exists because of perception, like as an overlay of physics. But neither have been proven, maybe cant be.

There are times that make me want to call BS on reality itself, sometimes too many extremely unlikely strings of bad events,
then sometimes (but far less often) something unlikely happens just at the last moment to sufficiently undo an imminent disaster.
This could be a natural part of life but isn't really mentioned much past fanciful fables of battles between curses & miracles or such.

6 flags huh?
I think I was at the one (near ST Lou?) when little, I can't distinguish it between memories of other parks though, I mean if remembering right it literally had 6 colorful flag polls on a field next to a massive parking lot.
So a tiny like 1/100,000 chance we passed by each other maybe XD
3 months, 1 week ago
In your case, It's more like you experienced a "glitch In the matrix" moment.

Reminds me of a similair encounter but It was my grandad who had passed away around a week ago since that day years ago. Never saw him again when I looked back but I knew It was him smiling at me... the last non-asshole of my family. :(
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