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So about the name change...

Hi Everyone, I’m back.

Like, literally back, the original Zeldaspirit93 both here and Ao3. The one that currently is using my old Ao3 account is a completely different person.

Man… it’s been a long time, but here’s a quick explanation:

So a couple of years ago, I created my original old Ao3 account "Zeldaspirit93" (way before I created my Inkbunny one). I had been new to the (deeper side) of the TMNT fandom, I wrote basically whatever came to my young teenage mind. But eventually life just turned to shit, and I just didn’t have the time to write anymore, thus why some of my stories had been left unfinished.

During that writer’s-block time, my cousin had been wanting to get an Ao3 account, and as many users would know, you have to get an invitation to created an account. For some reason they kept getting rejected and wasn‘t able to make one. I had been thinking of deleting my account for a while since I wasn’t posting anything, I had mentioned about it to my cousin (who is also a major fanfic writer), and they proposed that they take over the account. (Basically adopt it).  

I had been a bit hesitant since they are in no shape or form a T-cest shipper. But in the end I wasn’t even going to write (at the time) anymore, so I agreed. Gave them the original password and left it at their doorstep.

I’m not sure why they hadn’t deleted the T-cest stories, (especially since they hate t-cest with a passion) but now I’m happy they didn’t. Because thanks to the recent RoTMNT movie (and life not being a stick up my ass), I feel like I can come back and write more. Though I’m not sure how much of TMNT high I’m on right now, so I can’t say I’ll be consistent in terms of writing. But I know I would like to try again. So I changed my user name here and created a new Ao3 account for that reason. I will be moving all my fics there, so if any of you favored any of the t-cest fics on Ao3, I recommend keeping an eye here:


I don’t think I’ll go back and edit those stories any time soon, namely because to me they are such an eyesore and I can tell they were written by a middle-schooler. If I ever do go back to editing them, they probably would be MASSIVELY different. For now, I’ll leave the fics on my cousin’s account for a week or so to spread the word before slowly transitioning them to the new page.

I’ve already spoken to my cousin and they are okay with this. (Also please, do not in any shape or form harass them, they had no part in this whole thing. We both agreed they can take over the old account despite our taste differences).

Besides that, I hope to see some familiar faces again, and hopefully my fics will be good to read
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