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Came back, only for it to end

So...I found out some concerning things. Apparently, Inkbunny staff are cracking down on 3D artists/users for reasons I have no clue over. At first I was uncertain about this, but apparently, it is just that. It's to "reduce spam" because its easy how recreating a simple pose could warrant another similar piece, which...Personally to me, is very bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too keen on reusing stuff. But I do remake older pics if I feel the need for it, and even then I'm guilty of reusing poses because coming up with something new every time is daunting, and exhausting.

So...What am I to do now? Well...Given how suddenly frowned upon it seems, I might continue my ventures elsewhere. On the plus side, I've been having ideas on how I can have my Pokemon girls still be Pokemon, but not have to rely on the limitations of the current models. Not that there's a problem with current Pokemon models in my eyes, but that's for another time.

I do have a twitter dedicated to my Pokemon lewds, and if push comes to shove, I will make that active again just so that these girls can live on in some capacity. Until I figure out fully what to do, you'll just have to ask for it until I decide to make it truly public.


See you guys on the flipside, for real. This is the end.

By the way, why the fuck do I have the possibility of getting cracked down, but fucking cub stuff of the most grotesque nonsense gets the A-okay? What the fuck is wrong with those inkbunny artists? I actually feel sane in comparison. Its disgusting, repulsive, and is literally the reason why I'm reluctant to take requests here because people would be asking for Lumi to be a Ralts permanently and somehow find that hot.

That just feels illegal in every which way.
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Added: 2 months ago
2 months ago
Ooo that sucks to hear, are you planning on sharing the link to the Twitter page here?
2 months ago
Yes. If the concept I'm thinking of to make the models more "flexible" (not literally), I'll make a separate journal showing the twitter page.

For now, the only issue I'm having are characters with prominent snouts like Seashine. Lumi, Ames, and maybe Tempo are the ones I'm confident in will be perfect for it.
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