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TNSC Chat - Updates and Free Art?

TNSC Chat - Updates and Free Art?

While we are aware that TNSC's Adult Chat is a yiff friendly chat and as such is clothing optional, we have taken notice that some issues have risen from this.

Therefore, we have made changes to TNSC's Adult Chat, and want users to know that the room is The Adult's Hangout were yiff may happen, but the chat itself is not strictly for yiff.

Those changes include a new chatiquite, and some ground rules for user behaviour on TNSC's Adult Chat.

While it is ok to yiff in the public room, it is NOT ok to just randomly pounce and begin humping someone the second they login.

Even if someone were to come in and choose to be naked, or in just underwear, it is always best to take things a bit slowly.  You never know if they really are in the mood to yiff, or are just nudists looking for a place where they can wear as little as they like.

It is always a good idea and a good practice in ANY public setting, to get permission before you play.

This had been something all too common with a few of the users, and it had begun to scare the rest of our regulars away.  (Seriously, would you walk up to a complete stranger on a nude beach and begin groping, licking, or sucking on them?)

The New Rules are:
1.  While this lounge is clothing optional and sex friendly, not everyone comes here to just fuck.
2.  Please respect all users of the chat. It is best to respect boundries as well.
3.  It is best to refrain from being too direct, a good snuggle could get you a lot further than a sudden grope.
4.  Do not make any users do anything they don't want to.

We want all users to be comfortable within TNSC Chat, and will be enforcing those rules with kicks and bans if we need to.

We have added a new Online User Counter, since the old one failed to continue working.
However, the new counter only counts those who recently went to the chats, so users may be chatting that are not being accounted for.

We are also in the process of adding private rooms to TNSC's Adult Chat so that users may have more intimate encounters away from the prying eyes of the masses in the Adult Lounge.

With these "Private Rooms" users can have as many as they like join them, but are free to turn those they don't want there away.

The private rooms will also open in a new window, so users can be in both chats at the same time.


Drako Tags is offering a means to possibly get art by being on TNSC's Adult Chat.

Alongside the Headcase Comic, which cotton will continue to use characters and scenes from TNSC's Adult Chat in, Drako has begun his own project.

Drako Tags may have commissions drawn of users who have joined and setup a User Description on TNSC.
(If you don't have ref pics, you can write down a detailed description)

He will be mostly selecting and using RP scenes that involve his fursona on TNSC's Adult Chat.

Drako's Project includes:

Him creating a list of RP Scenes from TNSC's adult chat - These scenes can be of him with anyone else in the chat.  He may also use scenes from the Adult RP Sections on TNSC's Forums.

Randomly selecting a name from the User Descriptions to include in that scene with him.
(If the scene involves more than two people, multiple people will be selected.)

Drako will also keep a list of users who have had a commission done from this project - that way everyone gets a fair chance of having art of them commissioned from simply being on TNSC's Chat and Forums.

Mind you, he will need people being active on TNSC's Chat and Forums to keep this going.
The lack of scenes involving his fursona would mean the end of this project.
So to keep this going, keep going to TNSC and RPing with him either in the Chat or the Forums.

Now when Drako makes a selection on who to use, he will inform that user on TNSC's Forums.
Failure to respond by the end of the week, and he will make another selection.

Users can always Donate to Drako to help him raise the funds to get more commissions out faster.

You can always find TNSC at http://tnsc.thrill.to


This is the final week to help me decide on TNSC's Future!

So far, there have been 11 votes and still no ties.

So it looks like we may be:
Getting a new layout to begin rolling out next week (New Layout 3 is in the lead)
Putting an "age verifier" on the front page.
Directing users to different versions of the site based on age.

and.. Some asked for more penis... that can't happen without more users posting stuff to TNSC.

What scares me.. a vast majority of you don't want me to setup a mobile site.
So a vast majority of you don't want mobile users mingling with all you folks that can access the site on a PC.

If I am going to do the seperate General and Adult sites, I may as well setup a Mobile site.

You can see what all the changes could be and vote in our poll at:


I am also noticing a lack of votes on TNSC's Art Contest.

This has always been the biggest part of TNSC, and has always included art from across the web.

So I am saddened to see a lack of activity on it and would love to hear your ideas to help spark it back into life!
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