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Driver: San Francisco. Seriously, this game is just too much fun. I saw the great reviews, I heard the praise Yahtzee gave it... So why didn't I buy it before?!

One (major) bitch, though... Ubisoft... Seriously... Okay, I bought this game ON STEAM. I go to launch it for the first time... UPlay. Dafuq?! Are you fucking kidding me?! It doesn't even play through Steam! Okay, fine... Whatever... "You must create an account"... GODDAMMIT, IT'S AN ONLINE-TO-PLAY-OFFLINE GAME LIKE DIABLO 3! >_< FINE! "Cannot create account because the servers are down."


┬─┬ノ(º_ºノ) Okay... Wait a while... Finally connects. "Cannot create account because the servers are down."


┬─┬ノ(º_ºノ) Go to UPlay website... After several refreshes, it finally connects. Create account... Ten minutes later, account made. FINALLY. Close UPlay client, reopen, enter details. Connected. YES! Options... ALWAYS START UPLAY IN OFFLINE MODE! UGH! There we go. NOW I can play. Still hate the whole UPlay thing, but at least now I can fucking PLAY the game.

As for the game itself, PURE AWESOMENESS! It's a total throwback to the original in many ways. The plot is a bit odd, but it totally works for the game. Getting to pick and choose cars at will is major fun, especially when you're chasing someone and you grab an oncoming car to smash into them, head-on. XD The cars are all licensed and beautifully detailed. Not just new cars and ancient classics, either. There's a fucking 1996 Chevy Blazer in there, for fuck's sake! The cars look and feel better than in any other game I've played, and that includes any Need For Speed or Test Drive title. The damage model is pretty damn nice, too.

OH! One more thing I did after I cut the stream, which I REALLY wish I'd done ON-STREAM for others to see... I unlocked and purchased the DMC DeLorean (YES, THE FUCKING DELOREAN IS IN THIS GAME) and took it for a spin. Of COURSE I had to do the cliche thing... I HAD to get it to 88 miles per hour, JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES. Once I hit 88MPH, yellow trails started coming from my taillights (I think that's where they were coming from, anyway), and the trails didn't fade, so it was like they were being laid down behind me. After just a few seconds, there was a bright FLASH and I got an achievement... HOLY FUCK, THEY ACTUALLY PROGRAMMED THE BACK TO THE FUTURE THING INTO IT! XD Unfortunately, I tried doing it again, and nothing... One-time special thing. :P Dammit!

However, this unlocked a new mission that completely surprised me. Okay, keep in mind that this is the FIFTH game in the Driver series, and I've only ever played the original (1999) game prior to this. Twelve years had passed since that first game (this was released in 2011). The mission was an EXACT COPY of the INITIATION mission you do at the VERY START of the original Driver game! XD HOLY FUCK, TALK ABOUT A BLAST FROM THE PAST! (Coincidentally, I think that was the name of the achievement that unlocked that mission...) Thankfully, that mission is repeatable.

I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME!!! I can't wait to get home from work tomorrow so I can play it some more! XD
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Yeah Ubisoft/Uplay is shite. Assassin's Creed has the same bullshit on it, and even made it so some of the upgrades are gotten through Uplay only. ~_~;  But I'm glad you're having fun with Driver. =)
6 years, 9 months ago
Uplay is bugging me too. It's fucking ridiculous.
6 years, 9 months ago
I never had too much trouble with UPLay, (PoP: Forgotten sands, Splinter Cell Conviction, Assasins creed II and Brotherhood are the only games I have that have it) but it is pretty intrusive, Need to get Driver SF too as the demo was great ^3^
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