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Seeking some help finishing some stories!

All right.  Time to come clean.  I WANTED to finish Pokemon: Battle Kingdom 3, and Digimon Defenders 3 and a TON of other stories I have in the process.  I REALLY REALLY WANTED TO.

...But real life is CRUSHING me...  It's DESTROYING me.

Here's what's been going on.  First, outside of some family issues that I can't talk about, that have required my attention, our house has been under construction all summer, as we replace windows, redo roofs, and otherwise just do a ton of crap on it.  My father, angel that he is, has conscripted me to aid him, despite my repeated insistence that I do not care, I do not know HOW to do the stuff he's asking, and I do not WANT to help him with this.  As far as I am concerned this is HIS project, and he has TONS of other people who WANT to help him with it, rather than me.

In addition, I have Otakon in 13 days.  Yes, I will be bringing plenty of art, if I can get some.  I am currently involved in a very strong effort to amass and save as much money as I can.

I also have been hit with a streak of incredibly bad luck, the least of which involved MY car breaking down the minute we went to pick up my father's car from an auto shop.... And then HIS car breaking down on the way home.

With all of this... the amount of time and motivation I've had to do any writing has been...  next to zero.  So, with two stories at 99% completion and yet no hope of getting them out for several months, I have to turn to you, my loyal fans to aid me.  I'm stuck.  I just can't get this crap done, sadly.  I need someone who knows how to write (and write WELL) to PLEASE help me finish some stories?

Since my artwork is terrible, and I haven't DRAWN anything either, my gallery is becoming 99% other people's stuff...  And I'll also be posting MORE of other people's art today, but that's another story.  What I need is to feel a sense of accomplishment by actually FINISHING some crap... even if someone else is technically finishing it for me.

Here's what I need help on: A. Digimon Defenders is 99% complete.  I need about 2 more pages of material, a short fight scene and then a little wrap-up sequence to finish it.   B. Pokemon: Battle Kingdom is also 99% complete.  Half a sex-scene and a wrap-up.   C. Sonic...  I have a ton of stories, none of them more than 50% complete, and I need aid getting them done.  Not asking to FINISH them, but maybe a collaborative writing thing might help.  I dunno.

Anyway, if you are interested in aiding me, please contact me by Note, by AIM at supersonic250, YIM at supersonic250, or by email at supersonic250@comcast.net .   Thank you very much.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
Poor Skye! You have less luck than Téana Hikari.
I'm always willing to help, especially as my own projects aren't coming to anything. However, I have a feeling that my own life is about to take a downturn (read: getting fired), so I don't want to commit to anything just yet.
I will advise further by the middle of the week though.
6 years, 11 months ago
Thank you.  Friday the 13th kicked my BUTT.   We'll see what happens.
6 years, 11 months ago
Wish I could help, but I've got a monster exam coming up and a monster semester almost immediately after (assuming I pass said monster exam :( ).  I'm not even going to be able to go do that rewrite we talked about until September.

Good luck with the writing. :)
6 years, 11 months ago
i wish i could help you write, but i have zero ability to generate material myself. i am more than happy, however, to proofread/edit as much material as you need.
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