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Love, Sex, stories and a ramble about my life...

I started reading 'The Line' right, when suddenly it hit me.
My creative juices came flowing back, you know because I broke my phone I was quite unhappy, I had lots of 'Notes' on there, and now they could be lost forever.
But anyway, it started me thinking and I was actually inspired to write something where the guys not completely crazy and a boring 'stiff', if you will.
So now I have two stories posted, yays!
But yes many mores to come, and as for 'Love and Sex chapter six', I'm sorry people I wanted to do too much with it and had to drop it down to less then I wanted, and it kindda looks stupid now, but I forgot were I was going with it and I had tried to put like fifty things in there at once.
Oh, yeah and I've looked over the whole 'Love and Sex' series, I found a few more mistakes and fixed them, there's still lots to go, but I realised the start wasn't gripping enough, and that I'd said it was Spring and randomly changed it to Summer part way into the story.
Anyway that's fixed up and I'll edit them after the next chapter when I get a good chance to look at them again.
Anywho's, all is well with me, after suffering from depression and falsely diagnosing myself with an anxiety disorder, I feel good.
(I swear the disorder's there, just it's still developing), anyway, wow do I say 'anyway' too much, but regardless, I'm better, (for now), and am back on the job, (if you will), (writing again)...

My thanks to anyone who reads this one am dribble about my life and gives a mouse donkey about me...
(Right inside joke, none of you know, and I was being serious there).
It means rats ass, just to anyone who was curious.

I hate that red squiggly line! Go away, no one likes you! I hate that you come up on my interwebbs as well as on my normal work. Teh interwebbs no care if grammar bad, or spelling wrong. Some of them are intentional too, ass-hole, dick thing!  It won't go away...

Sorry to lose my composure like that, but I should beh sleeping. Oh god, interwebb's off, I'll wake up tomorrow, ah, in the morning, ah, after sleeping... Yeah that works... And think, oh god, what was I doing. And then I'll post it anyway! Why 'cause I'm crazy! Funny thing is, this is probably as honest as I get. Literal thoughts to paper sesh in my IB journal. Funniest thing ever, I just re-read this and was like what? But then realise if I tried to type smart it would still come out looking fucked up and like I've popped some shrooms or some crap. To fuck tired to do this shit, but you know, procrastination... Why I procrastinate over showering or eating or sleeping and shit like that I'll never know. God am I a potty mouth, bad boy go wash your mouth out with soap. lol, three attempts to spell 'soap'... XD

Thanks for reading, you know who I am why should I bother putting my name here?

P.s. I love you all, so don't block me for being weird of anything. Love me back and we can all live in our own little world where we pretend it's all peaceful. XD Love you long time bitches! Oh god, longest Journal ever! (Was trying to keep this professional and all, but now this. Oh well!)  (Mega delay of an entire day before post! What the fuck you ass-hole, cock sucker, brother turning off teh interwebbs?)  

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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
Good to see you back.

Let 3Timer know as well!
6 years, 7 months ago
Thank you RoP, I think 3Timer knows pretty well, I've made a few comments about how much I loved his story.
Oh, and I'm sorry it had all that babble about nothing in there, but I'm glad you looked beyond it.
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