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Weasel Tracks

Things have been kinda crazy here for a bit now, like a furry convention planned in a haze of potsmoke.  We've been having guests on and off and it kinda makes artwork a *little* challenging sometimes.  So this is what I'm going to do.  From now on I'm going to stream my usual three work days, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday like always.  But I'm also going to *try* (that means MAYBE) stream every day.  However that is entirely decided by how tired I am, if I'm sore at all, if I feel energetic, if I'm not entertaining guests, etc.  When I actually stream on the non-work days will also be up in the air.  I may start at the same time I work every day, I may even wait until midnight my time (That's like 3 AM EST).  I may even take long ass spontaneous breaks.

On the days when it's not slated as a work day, it's entirely my discretion what I draw.  I may take sketchmissions, I may work on animations, I might even dick around the entire time.  So keep that in mind.  Last night the first half of my stream was me drawing a female Marsupilami while drunk.  And the last half was an animation of Weaselgrease looking up.

Also, I'm going to start streaming with a microphone again.  Last night we did it and it was pretty fun (We have four people here right now).  Maybe I'll even invest in a nice omni-directional mic.  And when we're not talking I'll try to put music on.  I don't like talking when people are sleeping nearby, which happened last night, so I got quiet and MadDog snoring is what everyone heard for several hours before I killed the mic.

I know my work ethic lately has been pretty shitty compared to how it used to be, and I have a bunch of friends who are reluctant to say anything about it because they don't want to hurt my feelings, which is polite of them.  I also have a few others who've apparently seen enough of it and have spoken up recently, which is my big red flag that I really need to fix it.  So to show them my appreciation for the potentially risky gesture, I'm trying to put myself on a routine and shake up my streaming tactics to make a change for the better.  You guys know who you are, and thanks for being forthright!

Today I've got an outstanding commission to finish for Comjuke.  I promised him it would be done.  I'm going to hold my stream today, but I'm saying sketchmissions are not happening even though it's a work day (This is work, after all).  The only person I will be taking a sketchmission from today is Trundle, if he wants to buy.  He's been verbalizing that he wanted to buy today well before I made these decisions.  Otherwise, feel free to come watch, and if I finish the commission before the end of my stream (Which is likely) I will take a few other sketchmissions. =)

I've been lazy lately, and now the gloves are off and the vacation's over.  Time to get back into the mega-groove and pump the art, or GTFO.  Sorry for party rockin!
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
No one heard the sounds of me puking last night I hope...where am I? =(
7 years ago
I'll join you in a bit!
7 years ago
Okay, cool :3
7 years ago
Finish up those COMMISSIONS. Cuz I've been wanting one for a while :D
7 years ago
Take what time you need with mine... But I am still eagerly looking forward to seeing what you come up with for it. };>
7 years ago
Omg look at all this drama!  And u not coming to bed!  D=
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