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Just watched Hop today

(x-posted from FA)
Good animation, nice character design, compositing was flawless(except for the CG crane shots when they transitioned to real camera), but only made me laugh once and I'll say what plenty of others have said... He poops candy? WHOSE IDEA WAS THAT?! I figured it might not be as bad as others have made it out to be, but the candy is truly his poop, and he grunted it out on the hood of the car. Maybe they're trying to get kids to eat less candy.
Yes, the Pink Berets were cute, but the entire movie is forgettable, and the Pink Berets didn't stand out enough to save themselves from that effect.
I'd call the animation great, because the movement was flawless and not at all cheap, but I saw some opportunities for a little more expression.

The important thing is the story, and it was, as I said, forgettable. It had humor, but not enough. Plus, E.B.(wow, his dad must REALLY want him to be the Easter Bunny, with THAT name!) was quite annoying. He's cute, though, and I see lots of Rule 34 in his future(yeah yeah, his past, but still...)

Also, E.B.'s dad was definitely TOO easily-convinced at the end. Like, "Here's this totally unheard of suggestion that is completely insane." "Oh, that's a great idea! You don't even have to explain for more than a few seconds why this paradigm-changing idea is good!" Does Fred poop candy now? What? That part was revealed at the beginning of the movie! I'm sure they tested putting that reveal at the end and decided to put it at the beginning, but I think they should have revealed it at the end. I think they're just trying to use an over-used trope. Yes, Frank is the first human Easter Bunny. It ain't gonna work. What'll people say when they see a human breaking into their back yard instead of a bunny?

And what's up with Carlos? Is there a reason why he has a hispanic accent? Generally, it's not a good idea to make a minority be the villain unless there are others of that minority on the other side. No, he's the only hispanic and he's BLATANTLY hispanic(more on that later). The actor isn't even hispanic! I'd be okay with it if they were simply using a big-name hispanic actor, but Hank Azaria is Greek! Rob Paulsen once said that he wouldn't want to do the voice of a black character because there are plenty of great black actors out there who should get that part before him. I think that casting an actual hispanic would have at least justified the character a little. There really is no reason for the villain to be the only character from Mexico or Guatemala or wherever he's from. (edit: Okay, Easter Island IS off the coast of Peru, but if that's the reason, why is he the only one with a supposedly Peruvian accent?)
But even moreso, I hate it when characters throw in "Si" or "Señor" as the only Spanish that they seem to know. Are you sure you speak Spanish? Real hispanics don't speak like that, they speak in English until they reach a word they don't know, and that word is NEVER "yes". I wouldn't go to Mexico and speak perfect Spanish EXCEPT FOR "Sir" and "Yes", especially in the middle of a sentence. I get that they want to make him sound hispanic, but the accent is enough. Unrealistic sentences like that are one of my pet peeves with movies. "I can speak perfect English, except I will never know the translations of the simplest words!" has got to be on TV Tropes somewhere.

I watched this movie because CG films get me in the mood to build stuff in 3D and I've heard SOME good things about this movie, although the reviews are definitely mixed. I also try to keep up with pop culture, and fail miserably at it.
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