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No accounts to post to TNSC?

No Accounts to Post on TNSC??

We have begun a promo period on TNSC.

Now until the end of the month, there will be no accounts required to view/post to ANY part of the site.

Normally we would require users to have accounts to:
Post to TNSC Adult Gallery
View/Post to Adult Areas on TNSC Forums
Chat on TNSC Messenger

Now, you can post to TNSC Adult Gallery and view the adult discussions on TNSC Forums without needing an account.

We still encourage users to abide by the sites rules and regulations:
Only post things you created yourself, was created for you, or is an art/image of you.

You will still need an OMS account for TNSC Messenger - for obvious reasons.

This is only a promo to help raise awareness of TNSC and help the site grow as a community - We will require accounts for these areas again as of the end of this month.

So many seem to think were just an RP chat site.

We are doing this to help raise awareness of the sites Galleries, Library, and Video Sharing sections as well.

The Chat Rooms will remain open for General and Adult Discussions and RPs.

You may find TNSC at http://tnsc.thrill.to

Note: We are clarifying that the site is a self declared Adult Site with areas of General Content, and a notice of such will be on the main page.

As a part of this, and some new sitewide changes, we are also debating a new look for the site.

The possible new look is here:

You can tell us on the poll there if you would prefer the new look, or the current one as seen on http://tnsc.thrill.to


TNSC Art Contest - July 2012

The Most Recent Winner is:
Screwed! - https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=186859
by Anakuro - https://inkbunny.net/Anakuro

This month's Nomination Theme:
Waking Up - Characters just waking up. (Adult Concept: Males perhaps sporting morning wood.)

This month's Voting Theme:
Characters in underwear - Yep, fursonas or other characters wearing underwear.

Nomination and Voting Deadline:
August 1, 2012

Come Nominate Art and Vote at http://tnsc.thrill.to
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