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Meme - Aren't you excited?

1. Are you a boy or a girl?
Boobs. I mean, I'm a girl.

2. How old are you?
Old enough to do whatever I want to.

3. What species are you?
My character is a cute little pygmy rabbit.
4. How different are you and your fursona?
She's a rabbit, and I'm not, she never wears clothes, and I kind of have to, and she gets a lot more action than I do. She's also got a small group of girls at her beck and call, all of whom will eat her pussy whenever she tells them to.

5. Would you ever wear a fur-suit?
Not a chance.

6. What is your sexuality?

I'm gonna go with lesbian on this. Some boys are kind of nice to look at, and I have fun covering Abigail in spunk, but I can't really see myself dating a guy.

7. Have you ever dated someone of the same sex?
You bet your sweet ass I have.

8. Have you ever dated someone of the opposite sex?

9. When was your first sexual adventure?
I was sixteen and she was, well, a few years older.

10. Are you an artist?
No ma'am.

10.b What kind of artist are you?
I've been told I'm quite creative in bed...
11. What made you join the fandom?

12. Do you currently have a crush on someone?

13. Are you dating someone? what species are they?
No ma'am.

14. Are you a Subby or a Dommy?
There's nothing better than tying up some pretty girl and playing with her.

15. Whats your favorite color?
Boobs. Er. Blue.

16. How many languages do you speak? what is your mother tongue?
I speak English.

17. Are you learning any new languages?
No ma'am.

18. What is your dream career?
I wanna be a billionaire, baby.

19. What is your favorite hobby?

I collect art. Furry or not.

20. Who is your favorite fictional character?
Honestly? Probably Bilbo Baggins. The little guy had some serious balls!

21. Who are your idols and why?
Boo... okay, that jokes getting old, huh?

I don't suppose I have any. I've never believed in putting people up on pedestals, because you'll only end up disappointed when you discover they're human after all.

22. If you are an artist, are you happy with your skill?
Just threw this one in as an afterthought, huh?

23. What are you views on BDSM? Scat? Sports? Vore? Cub? Foot Fetishes?

-BDSM: I love the ropes and chains. Bring it on, bitches.

-Scat: If it gets you off, then whatever. I think it's just plain nasty.

-Sports: You can keep 'em.

-Vore: No.

-Cub: My secret shame. I love cubs, especially little girl cubs.

-Foot fetishes: No.

24. Are you currently mad at someone?
What would be the point of that?

25. What is your views on MLP?
Some of the art is cute. I haven't seen the show.

26. Do you masturbate? How often?
Well yes, of course I do. Most people do. As often as I damn well please.

27. Right or Left?
Doesn't matter to me, as long as I get off.

28. Do you want kids some day?
Nope. They're cute and all, but I can't see myself as a mother.

29. Did you have fun with this Meme?
It was okay.
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
*has Amy beep both of the bunny's nipples* ;)

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