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'Nother journal thingy

Taken from
who stole it from HinataxXxKurisu =w=
She stole it from DA, so
stole it from her c:

1. Are you a boy or a girl

2. How old are you
    24. will be 25 in september.

3. What species are you.
    half-demon (female fursona is a fire sprite)

4. how different are you and your fursona
My body build is similar to Synge, while my mannerisms and general behavior are a copy of Phyrex's

5. would you ever wear a fur-suit

6. what is your sexuality

7. Have you ever dated someone of the same sex

8. Have you ever dated someone of the opposite sex

9. when was your first sexual adventure
 Me and my cousin fooled around the the bed of my grandfather's truck when we were coming back from a drive-in movie. I didnt know what the hell I was doing at the time, but I am quite clear on it now.

10. Are you an artist?
       Nope. I'm an asshole. Seriously though, I am an artist and author.

10.b What kind of artist are you?
       Graphic design, illustration, 3d modeling.
11. What made you join the fandom
      fandom of what?

12. Do you currently have a crush on someone

13. Are you dating someone? what species are they?

14. are you a Subby or a Dommy.
15. whats your favorite color.
       I have 3. Jet black, blood red, and sapphire blue.

16. How many languages do you speak? what is your mother tongue?
       only english, in terms of fluency. I know some spanish, finnish, japanese, german, and french. However, I do not know enough of any of them to  make them useful.

17. Are you learning any new languages?
     Trying and failing japanese.

18. what is your dream career.
       to become a master in the field of Quantum Fecal Theory.

19. what is your favorite hobby
      I read, rebuild/modify/repair computers, and play games.

20. who is your favorite fictional Character
       Alucard, from Hellsing (or Hellsing, Ultimate)

21. Who are your idols and why
       I do not have any idols. I'm too busy appreciating the people helping me, rather than someone else.

22. If you are an artist, are you happy with your skill?
      No, nor do I believe I ever will be. It's my constant need to make things perfect that drives me to be better than I used to be..

23. What are you views on BDSM? Scat? Sports? Vore? Cub? Foot Fetishes?
I'm all for tying up a partner, or even some rough play. But actually hurting someone is a scope of sex I dont prefer to view.
I despise scat play, as well as vore and gore.
Sports, like baseball and such, are fine. Pissing, however, is not.
I think cub art gives adult art a cute side. Like, even if you were against porn, you wouldnt complain, because you feel a little happier just to have seen it. ^_^

24. are you currently mad at someone?

25. What is your views on MLP?
      meh. Something to make R34 of, I guess.

26. do you masturbate? and how often.
       yes. Can your hand get pregnant?

27. do you find me attractive? if so; would you date me? (leave this blank, your readers must answer this)

28. Right or Left?
      right dominant, but lefty for most non-accuracy intensive actions

29. Do you want kids some day?
      I do. I'd love to have a little daughter, so I could bring another beautiful thing into the world.

30. did you have fun with this Meme.
       Guess so, considering it kept a buzzing artist's attention long enough to get this far.
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Quantum Fecal Theory? Of all things, that?
6 years, 9 months ago
Indeed. After all, if i profess quantum fecal theory, then i'd really know my shit.
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