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So much for a happy New Year...

This one's already gotten off to a shitty start.

I'm sorry. I really, really need to rant before I just... break down.

My shoulder and wrist burn. This flares up a lot, and I know I should see a doctor for it, but I kinda... can't afford to. And I can't afford to just stop doing commissions, either. I can slow down with the drawing, but I can't stop. And it's not like anybody's interested in any of my other work, so... yeah.

My head is alternating between feeling like it's packed full with cotton, and like it's being crushed in a vise.

And all I want to do lately is sleep.


Add to that, the fact that my best friend, her kids, and I could be kicked out of our apartment because a sizable chunk of her money mysteriously vanished, and her ex-husband blew nearly all of his paycheck on things other than rent... And, sure, I could give her my Tooth Fund (which I kind of need for, y'know, extracting a broken tooth that's making me really sick, but...) but that will only be $60, instead of the $120 we need...

...and all I really want to do is curl up in bed and cry...
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