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Knowledge is Power

I don't read many books, but there are a few that have just touched me Watership Down being possibly the most influential on my life's philosophy, but A Taste of Grass reminded me of a few things I already knew.  I recently heard of another book like it called The Mysterious Island.  I haven't read the latter, but they both have similar themes; the cast gets tossed out into the wilderness, and have to survive, but they don't just keep from dying, they thrive.  Using what they know, they craft simple tools and advanced tools from that and advance and advance until they have practically reconstructed the cities from which they came.

The idea to do the same was burning through my mind as I watched a documentary that challenged the volunteers to do the same from cavemen standards, and I carefully went over in my mind how within just a few short days of using only what they had, I could craft a plethora of tools quickly going from a lethal straight shooting bow and arrows all the way up to a forge that could stoke a fire hot enough to melt iron easy.  

They were not that tenacious, but I'm a problem solver.  In this modern world, there aren't many problems that need fixing by refining materials, but as it is, that is just what happened a day or two ago.  A friend of mine had a computer problem that required a hardware fix.  I went over ten to twenty options to produce what he needed any of which under $20, but in the end he was very upset that the option he picked didn't work for him and refused to work it out any other way despite the fact that he had everything he needed and all it would have taken was a reboot.

I am very sad to be honest.  He quit right there on the doorstep of success.  He claims he doesn't need what this fix provides, but I've seen his house, and it is clear that this is his passion.  His is not the need to rebuild from scratch, but to do no more than a half a minute of computer clicking.  I don't want to insult him, but how many sacrifices has he made in order to remain this lazy?  

*sigh*  Knowledge is Power... for those who can be bothered to use it.
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