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All about my O.C characters

So this journal is all about my own creation characters. I know I have a description in my profile, but I wanted to elaborate some more on them.

My fursona is Friendly - a kind, honest Red Fox. He loves more than anything to go out and play with his friends. His hobbies include Transport, Cycling, Gaming, Reading, and Swimming. He also really enjoys the company of his friends Jake and Timothy, and all of their friends too. As a young adult he has some great ideas on how to improve the transportation networks of other companies. Friendly originally came from England as a young cub, and he longs to take Jake and Timothy with him when he goes back for a holiday. Friendly usually wears a dark-blue jersey and a pair of sweat-pants, and occasionally a grey hoodie when the weather is colder.

Then, there's Timothy - a lovable, slightly chubby Raccoon cub, who is timid but very warm-hearted. His timidity comes from being made fun of by other kids his age - mainly because he still needs training wheels on his bike. Timothy can get rather emotional, but Friendly is usually there to give him a shoulder to cry on. He wears a blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts with orange, white and blue flames. Timothy really loves trains - and he's usually the first one to shout: "Look! A train!" if he sees one. Timothy's dad - James is a bus driver, and his mom - Sally - is a chef at a restaurant. Timothy is also a human character in my W.I.P novel set in Hertfordshire, England - but with some subtle differences in circumstances.

Lastly, there's Jake - an energetic German Shepherd pup who loves to play games and sometimes tease his friends, but is quick to apologize if he's taken a joke too far. He wears a red t-shirt and a pair of dark-blue sweat pants or orange-and-grey shorts. Jake really enjoys nature, being a dog he has a very keen sense of smell and loves to do stuff that involves anything to do with nature, like hiking, camping or even riding his bike along a trail. Jake's mom and dad are both police officers, but they're allocated to different police departments. Jake has an older brother named Ralph, but they rarely get along. I have yet to introduce Ralph because I need to work on his character some more, though I think he'll probably be a troublemaker and a rebel. Jake is more submissive. He is also a character in my novel set in England - but like Timothy, with different circumstances.

I'm working on several stories right now of Friendly, Jake and Timothy. Some are with other furs - such as the "Art and Biro go to camp" and "Joys of the Summer" series, but other standalone stories will feature just the three of them with their parents and some other friends I'll create as I go along. The timeline for these three friends is that Friendly met Timothy first - in the park. Timothy's bike was stuck in the mud because of his training wheels, and the other kids just kept laughing at him. Friendly saw how upset the raccoon looked and helped him out. The two became inseperable after that. Then about a month later, Friendly and Timothy were riding their bikes along a trail beside the river when they saw Jake sitting by the water's edge, with tears flowing down his cheeks. Jake had had a fight with his older brother and being the more submissive pup, he backed down - but it just didn't feel right. He went down to the river to try and take his mind off things, and that is where Friendly and Timothy met him.

With the babyfur stories though, it follows a different set of circumstances altogether. In those stories, I truly let my imagination run free and am more flexible with stuff. Friendly can either be the babysitter, or the older friend.

Anyway, that's that! So I'm a very, very busy fox right now - though I'm never too busy to talk! Please feel free to read my stories, or view some of the various artwork I have in my gallery. I'd really appreciate some comments, suggestions and general feedback about my work.
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