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I think the MTO doesn’t want me to be a trucker

So, it’s been a while, being at home all the time means there is hardly anything I feel is worth talking about, and without that, I have absolutely no idea what to writ on here.

But, right now, I have something to talk about.

To Start with, the MTO stands for th Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

So, I moved back to Ontario last May/June don’t ask for anything more precice than that, I have no idea. I am horrible with the past.

Because I’m now an Ontario resident, I had to get my Driver’s licence transferred. Because I have a commercial licence, there were a few extra steps needed. The first one was getting a family doctor because, while officially I never dropped my Ontario doctor while I lived in Alberta, he lost his licence not long before my return. I found out when I called to make an appointment to schedule my Driver’s medical.

Finding a new family doctor took some doing, but I found one.

Then I needed to get the driver medical form, because the doctor doesn’t keep them.

My Google-Fu is horrible, but it shouldn’t have taken me 3 days of navigating the government’s website to find said form. With that in hand, I made an ppointment. 3 weeks later I took the form to my doctor, to find out that wasn’t the right form. More days of searching, and this time the form I found was on the webpage for Commercial Driver Licencing, so it had better be the right <bleeping> one. Made an appointment. 3 weeks later I’m at the doctor wit hit. They commented on how the form had been updated, as they filled it, then all I had to do was take it to the Registry office(called Drive Test Center)

Stood for 3 hours outside, in -10 oC (and I did consider giving up on my Commercial licence right there), then another one inside then handed the form with everything needed to transfer my Alberta licence to Ontario.

The clerk took one look at the form and went to speak with her manager.

The managrreturned to tell me that it wasn’t the right form, but it was similar enough they were going to process it anyway. If the ministry didn’t accept it, they would mail me a letter explaining why and it would include the correct form.

Color me unsurprised when, a week later, I get said letter in the main. Schedule an appointment with my doctor. At least it was only two week later this time.

Before the appointment, I also get a letter from the ministry telling me tht because the name that was entered in the system did not match the one they had of file (from before I moved to Alberta) I had 1 month to come into the center to fix that or they would annule my licence altogether.

So my doctor fills the form, and was nice enough not to charge me a second time for it, then I bussed to the center and jumped the line because I was only there to hand in a medical (I conveniently forgot to tell the person manning the door I had other things to deal with while there) I hand it, along with the letter about my name (it turns out that back with I first registeredmy driver’s licence into the electronic system of the ministry, I hadn’t been able to put the ‘-‘ in my last name because back then the computers couldn’t deal with symbols in names)

The clerk fixed everything without batting an eye and that was finally resolved.

Or so I thought.

A week later I get a letter telling me that the medical form I submitted wasn’t an approved form, but it did give the name of that form and it was the one I had submitted a month and some time before, not the one I had just used. So I called the ministry, and found out that 1) they only sent me this letter about my medical. They have no idea how I received another one. And 2) after one full week, my new form still hadn’t reached their office.

That’s the government for you. In an age of near instant electronic transmission, they manage not to receive anything in a timely manner

So, here I am. Officially without a licence (only a temporary) and no idea if the government will take longer than the deadline before my Commercial licence isdown graded to a normal one.

If I was only slightly paranoid, I’d suspect the government doesn’t want me to have the backup of being  truck driver if my writing career doesn’t work.

And with that, I’m going to wish you a good day.

If you want to hear from me earlier, I highly recommend you give me something to talk about, because I now live the quiet life of an obscure writer. That doesn’t lead to having a life worth discussing

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And with that. I, will wish you a good day.
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2 months, 2 weeks ago
And people wonder why Canada doesn't have open carry permits. I hope things get sorted out for you. If I was closer would drop in with whiskey.
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