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NOW THEN! As we said goodbye to yet another troublesome year, let’s go over my future plans, shall we?

First off, I did say I wanted to make my next Donation Drive happen on New Year’s Say, but because I’m more behind than ever going into my last week of classes, I’ll need to postpone to likely Wednesday or Thursday. Just letting you all know. OH, on the same topic… I didn’t wanna spoil it, but what are your thoughts on involving dragons and balloons? Also, thinking of throwing in bondage. Next victim? Thoughts? LET ME KNOW!

Next, remember that I wanted to put some of my older (and often never drawn) characters up for adoption? Well, you can find them all in one place, over on my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/posts/60563910

Moreover, I feel the need to ask: are YCH’s becoming more bought out instead of normal Commissions? Yes, both involve the moolah, but I just wanna hear some input from y’all about this. It will help me understand more going forward.

On another note: earlier, I announced a new character! May I present for the very 1st time in Rupert’s World…
MERCEDES!!! - https://www.patreon.com/posts/60604606

On the same note, I’m also planning on making my own OC based off of Looney Tunes’ Penelope Pussycat (one of my earlier cartoon crushes). How does “Vanilla P.K. (Vanilla PussyKat)” sound? And the colors to go with her, too? Let me know.

Lastly here, remember my other 2 characters that need some love too? Chasity and Terrence? Well, I still have plans for THEIR reference sheets, too. I wanted to make them before the turn of the year, but… life. Still, better late than never, right?

Moving on: remember my short video the other day about “SOMETHING BIG” coming? It’s coming, fellas! I promise…!

Also, it’s important to note: while I do have the honor of making various gifts here and there, whether we’re years-long pals or we’re just getting to know each other, keep in mind that I still have some obligations to my own agenda. Not to be mean, but I just want y’all to take to heart moving forward. I’ll still do them: just not as frequently.

Oh, right. I forgot to mention: YOUR BOI HAS AN INSTRAGRAM, NOW!!!!
That’s right. Check out over there often, as I drop new craps for YOUR viewing pleasure. Oh yeah…!


Whew! What a whopper this was. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading thru all this, my bois and babygirlz! Here’s to a New (and hopefully BETTER) Year! The last one was honestly a bit of a dumpster fire. While we will still have rough times in these first few months, I swear we will get through it. Cheers!
Thank you all so much. Look out for more new content and more crazy crap. Rupert out!
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