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2021 A year in review

Today Is December 31st 2021, The second year into this new decade.

If I could describe 2021 in a few words it would be painful and emotionally exhausting at many points.

2021 Started out kinda normal, but there was one very painful thing that had happened, my foot popped badly when I was helping take in groceries once during January, that caused my left foot an extreme amount of pain. In which it was not until Late July/Early August of this year. Which turns out I injured my foot in a way that it was jammed and that was causing all this pain, but once I was out of the woods when it came to that I was fine but there was another pattern that developed this year that was emotionally exhausting.

Yeah, everyone around me began to Find Boyfriends or a Partner in some way or shape either if it was Male Female Trans Or poly relationships. It was exhausting to see everyone find someone to love while I had my own fair share of issues.

I got Ghosted around the week of my birthday (which sucks and I still hate my ex for that), tried to date someone else but got bored and kinda lost interest, I then tried to date another person but that… didn't work out of hesitation on their end, tried to date another person after that but they liked me and someone else and that did not work out either. I also caught a random crush on a friend that did not go anywhere (which was not surprising)

HOWEVER, as if Now I'm happily dating someone but won't reveal too much about Them, and that's the most I'll say about that. (but I love them dearly)

Other than that, this Year I have experienced a massive explosion in growth, meeting new friends, my Writing and Art giving me a lot more page views and attention, and even being able to reconnect with some older friends from yesteryear that I hadn't been in contact with in a while. I also joined a bunch of new group chats as well (some I'm not as active in) while others I am, and I did meet some of these new people that way as well.

Also for the last thing that caused some confusion, from now on if anyone asks how old I am I'll say 20 because that's the thing I'm the most comfortable with simply because I feel a lot older like in my 30s then what I actually am. Or just a 20 something in an intro of sorts to not get specific about how old I actually am which from now onwards will remain a secret. But to everyone new I have met they have known me as a 20 year old which… is completely irrelevant to them. Hopefully that would fix the confusion this may have said because I really rebranded myself during 2020 to give the last legs of my creative "furry" pastime a fresh coat of paint before I just Leave this pastime behind as everything has to come to an end at some point in 2025.

But besides all that, there are some things you would expect to see in the next year at some point-
The remaining stories within the Magic Timeline + the current story that's being posted
A dating Visual Novel idea that's fleshed out with High quality and would likely be my last attempt at a Proper Visual novel idea.
Some commissioned Artwork of my Sona and his many forms + Fanart of some of my story characters
More Artwork of my own, with maybe a random Bonus story here and there
Lastly, winding down of me introducing new stories into the Magic timeline, and with my last Major writing project before I move onto something else.

But to close everything 2021 was hard, and I hope with 2022 here things will be getting better. Hopefully, as I'm planning on heading to another college to finish up my degree there than at the current one I am attending my last semester of, there might be a new change of pace and scenery.

But with that on with the posts of this year (which should have been out already by the time of this going up)

Also, this will be the last post of the year, as i want to take a break for this weekend until next monday to kinda relax a bit and play video games.
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