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An interesting little saying

This is something that Kep was telling me about a few weeks ago now and the more I thought about it the more I realized for the most part it's true. The saying is, "Kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates." Though at the same time it became even more true with me with what I've gone through with that one friend of mine. Like I've said before I don't go around being an ass to everyone I come across, but at the same time there is no real need to be nice to some people when they obviously don't deserve it or will even respect you.

Though one thing that has come to pass is I had used up my last bit of caring for that one friend I've been having issues with and have mentioned before. After only hearing from them once in a period of a month it became clear to me that there was no use in trying to fix things. Because if they didn't care enough to actually put forth the effort to do it like they were supposed to then there was no use in me sticking around any longer and having to worry about it. To a degree though it was almost like this was a long time coming. Things were more or less fine when we had little to no contact, but when we got closer things seemed to get worse. That was evident when he was still with his ex. The main thing that irritates me still is that he's willing to basically through away a four year friendship for a relationship that's basically still new. But I know some people just won't listen and some people just don't learn. A lot of times all it comes down to is making them realize how alone they really are, because if things every fall apart with this whole relationship he'll basically have no one to come crawling back to and if he tries it with me I'll just laugh in his face.

So little tip for other people don't throw away friendships with others just because of a relationship you're in or just got in. Even if your friends don't approve of it. Because I never completely approved of my friends relationship decision, but at the same time I was letting him do what he wanted because he wouldn't listen either way and because it's what he thought he wanted and such. But we'll see how that works out in the end. Because the last time I actually talked to him he was trying to act like again it wasn't as perfect and everything like he wanted. Though at the same time he could have just been lying to me again, so who knows. But either way that burden of having to deal with that and try to figure out how it all was going to work out is off my shoulders now. So like I said they can go do whatever they hell they want and if things go crashing down around them then tough shit.

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