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Stressed and Melancholy

Okay guys, sorry for this sad and stressful entry but here is my problem now and what I'd like some people to talk to me about.

Well not sure if all of you know or not but I love video games, I have since I was a little kid and I've wanted to design them since I figured out they were made by people. Well I put off my studies and stuff for a while because I didn't have any self confidence or anything but since I moved recently to learn kung fu I've learned alot, gained confidence, pride, and perseverance in only 4 months.

Well I wanna go back to game design and keep up what I'm learning as well. The only colleges close aren't what I'm really looking for, at least in my opinion so I figured I'd go to the college I've looked into and adored since middle School. Full-Sail University they have cool stuff, a great program, and some nice connections. Instead of the alternative Art Institute in Schaumburg or Columbia college whose program doesn't look as nice to me.

Well I told my Sifu since I'm staying with him that I'd go do this and he said its a bad choice, he went further to say he used his psychic future seeing abilities to tell that I'm going to fail if I go to the college I want, he said I can't do it and I'll end up in a bad place with bad things happening unless I stay with him and go with what he says.

Well obviously this hits my confidence and heart hard and broke me down to almost crying.....I don't know what to do, I really want some help on this because I don't know anything about what to do or anything :( I'm at the end of my rope and almost pulling my hair out because I just don't know what to do. I hope at least one or two of you comment or PM me or IM me or something because I really need someone to talk at me about this that isn't hard biased :c
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Psychics are all full of bullshit, I'd do what I felt was the right choice after enough research; also examine what type of animation the colleges explore in and what animators were successful after attending. Only after answering all your questions logically can you find the true decision for you. Nobody else can choose your life's path. There is only one driver behind that wheel save for influences from other people. The choice is always yours in the end. Be safe, your teacher sounds overly possessive. I'd steer clear of him. Though you may regard him as teacher he is still a man and human by all accounts. Good Luck.
6 years, 9 months ago
Well Columbia's game design is relatively new, whereas Full Sail's is pretty ingrained, they have a good success rate but it's in part of the no nonsense policies, You have to attend class 90% of the time, classes can be anytime in the day since they're open 24/7 and they have really nice presentations. The staff at Columbia doesn't look as appealing and the end results of the graduating classes look sub par vs Full sail, whose movie students btw also aided in the new movie "The Avengers". plus Full Sail is cheaper, and Included in tuition is a nice new laptop, all the design software I need, lifetime career services, and I can retake any class I want after graduation.
6 years, 9 months ago
If you've got the dedication, you won't fail.  That's most of what's involved, really.  Staying focused.

That and using the resources at the school to make connections.

Don't let anybody push you around with their opinions and intimidation and asking you to 'Would You Kindly' do something.  You deserve better.
6 years, 9 months ago
Thanks kemi :3
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