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"I WANT SOME MARKERS!" Commissions

So I love working with markers, as some of you have noticed.  Currently, I'm working on a ginormous marker group picture, which will probably not be done for a year, but as I'm working, I'm noticing there are some colors I simply do not have, even if I mix colors together.  SO!  I thought of a win-win situation, where I get commissions that cost the same amount as the markers I'm trying to get!  The more you get for me, the better a deal you get!  Don't worry, you're just paying me the amount equivalent to the number of markers, you're not having to actually buy them and ship them to me.  I've got that part taken care of.  :3  So here are the price levels!  And for reference, the markers I'm getting (a mixture of Tria, ProMarkers, and Copics) average out to about $4 each.  Obviously you can mix and match a bit (6 markers, for example, can also get you 3000 words of story or two flat-colored sketches, 5 markers could get you a cel-shaded icon + a flat-color sketch)  Also, if there's something you want that you don't see on here, talk to me and we'll figure it out!

1 marker ($4)
- flat color icon

2 markers ($8)
- cel-shaded icon
- cleaned up sketch (one character) (Example (NSFW)

3 markers ($12)
- flat-color sketch (one character) (Example)( Example (NSFW))
- 1500 words of short story (this is cheaper than my usual rate!)

4 markers ($16)
- detailed icon (Example)
- cell-shaded sketch (one character)
- cleaned up sketch (two characters)
- digital or traditional media badge (Example), (Example)

5 markers ($20)
- one full colored character w/minimal background (Example (NSFW))

10 markers ($40)
- 2 full colored characters w/ minimal background (Example (NSFW)), (Example (NSFW))
- Reference sheet with three views (Example (like this, but a bit more detailed . . .))
- 5000 words of short story (this is cheaper than my usual rate!)

12 markers ($48)
- 2 full colored characters w/ background (Example (NSFW)), (Example (NSFW))

20 markers ($80)
- TWO fully colored illustrations of two characters w/background
- Story pack! 5000 word short story + illustration to go with it of two characters

Marker set ($360) YOU'RE INSANE!
We will negotiate the details, but I'll pretty much do something along the lines of 8 fully-colored 2 character + background pieces, along with four flat-colored sketches or 3 detailed icons.  If you prefer writing, I'll do 40,000 words of short story (though it'd be kind of a novella at that point) or some combination of story + arts.  Or some combination of the above offers!  I honestly don't expect anyone to do this, but if they do, holy cow, you are fantastic.  Needless to say, if someone purchases this, all slots are pretty much taken!  XD  I'll have everything I need!
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