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AC 2012

Let me copy the journal that I post on FA to share my experience in AC 2012. :)

I usually don’t write journals, especially ones regarding Conventions—well, I don’t use FA at all, really—but this time, there is no way I can keep my mouth shut because it was just too good. Honestly, I’ve been to many cons for three years now, but this surely was the best one. I played a major role and succeeded in bridging the Western and Eastern anthropomorphic cultures.

Coincidentally, there were three separate Japanese groups that came to AC this year: a TV crew from the popular Japanese TV program, Samma no Mamma; a huge individual tour group from Japan; and the guest of honor, Sardyuon-san. And I assisted groups and groups (well, maybe not much with Mamma-chan group since they had had their own interpreter, fortunately.) Thanks to Uncle Kage, I was the official Japanese interpreter of Anthrocon!

Being Sardyuon-san’s(  aka mighty-creation) interpreter was a privilege. He is the most talented, energetic, elegant yet dynamic fursuit performer I’ve ever seen. My heart was beating SO loud when he was piling FIVE chairs on top of that unstable deck. If you were watching his performance from the front, you had no idea how unstable and shaking it was. I could tell because I was watching from the side! We didn't worry Kage with this info (to save him a heart attack), but it was only the second time he actually performed that trick in public. Sardyuon had practiced so hard just to perform his most dynamic trick for the stage of his dream, Anthrocon. I’m totally looking forward to seeing him again next year. I heard he already has an idea for if he is coming back... ;)

And again, there were many Japanese companions this year. There were a total of thirteen acquaintances that came from Japan just for Anthrocon, and there were many other individual Japanese people I met during Con.

(Aster,   dragonia1911,   sekki, OTK,   scra, Pow-san, Jima,   yoshinomi, Rsa, Guryu, Suruga,   coin05, and   mangluca.)

I mean.. thirteen! This is remarkable. So what do you expect next year? Thirty? Forty? Perhaps in near future, we'll have to charter an airplane to bring them here. (Furry Air Bus? Heh, maybe not too bad an idea.)

Anyhow, I am glad that they had a good time at AC as well. Though most of them had a limited ability to speak English, they tried so hard to communicate. As a matter of fact, I heard they became friends with an American fur in a bar and end up being treated to a round of beers. That is one big virtue of this community: though we speak different languages, we share the same language in terms of loving anthropomorphic figuress. Truly remarkable.

  fullnekoalchemist Played a huge role to serve us drinks as a furry bartender.   sorethumb introduced them to an American style party. Thanks guys. You guys rock!!

Having breakfast with Kage was another remarkable event during this Con. It was a small breakfast at Furnando's with all the Japanese visitors. We had gifts for him, which ended up seated nicely in his treasure display-- I’m so happy about that! He really made me tear up a few times this con..! The biggest emotional moment was when he told me that, “You are doing a fantastic job to bridge Japan and America!” And that was what I was striving for. Also, I would like to thank Oose-san who was being Sardyuon-san’s secret agent. He was such a nice guy.

Alright, that sounds like too much already, but there's even further I must say.. I was a liason/agent for the Japanese at the Artshow, introducing more than twenty art pieces from Japan. It was my first time participating in the Artshow as an artist as well, and was a thrilling experience for me. Thanks for all the artists participated. As a result, eh, it was diverse: some artworks were bid on a lot and some, unfortunately, didn’t even sell.. Made me feel that I should do some research and advertisement prior to Con—Indeed! I’m doing that again next year. I am so looking forward for revenge!!

Artists who participated:   sateko, mick39, Jyoka, Fol-ko, Akitaka, Oosaki Eru, Akatsuki Yu-ki, Shirokoma, Yourwhitecat, Dogear, and Rugaro

So yes, that was my AC this year…oh my, there were just too many things. I enjoyed it so much. I even enjoyed having blisters on both of my pinky toes! As one smirch, I realize there is one Japanese guy doing a “smear campaign” of the "notorious Imuhata" during and before ac.. (I think he is jealous of what I am doing. I pity him.), But nah, I know he is failing at convincing people. I don’t even care now; this AC was that epic.

This year was surely a milestone for bridging American and Japanese anthropomorphic culture. Now, at least people in the fandom know there is some furry culture in a land of rising sun, and so I feel I accomplished my goal for this year.
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Added: 10 years, 5 months ago
10 years, 5 months ago
a "notorious imuhata"?  I have never heard of such a thing!  Well, not in the negative sense, anyway  @w@
I wonder who would be upset at you, and why?  You seem to want to help people like a diplomat !

Glad everyone had fun this year.  It sounded like a great time.
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