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Micheu\Carterdalmation update

Remember: Chris can be reached at 816-691-1951 for his room phone or you can send a cheer card at www.nkch.org
Hey everyone, this is Auva, aka Alex.
Just thought I'd give everyone an update on Chris's condition. A few developments since the last post.

Written on 6/22/12

1) The two exploratory procedures done yesterday were both visually clear, though they did send several samples from his throat and colon off for a biopsy. Those will take a day or two to come back.

2) They have him on a restricted diet of soft foods and only so much fiber per day. He really gets annoyed at that sometimes but hes coping with it.

3 They have him on several meds:
IV Morphine 3-6mls every 4-6 hrs(which he had to pretty much beg for unfortunately)
Quick Release Oxycodone up 20 mg every four hrs
Percocet/Acetaminophin- Up to 3 5-325 pills every 4-6 hrs
Gabapentin/Neurontin- this a new drug that fights pain by changing the way the body senses it. I'm told to tell you he now has a new appreciation for women in menopause, because a side effect of the medicine is hot flashes lol :p He is also on some muscle relaxers and they have been giving him Ambien at night to sleep. Unfortunately the Ambien has been causing some slight amnesia because it makes him forget a some of the stuff he did the previous day.

4) They have taken him off the IV antibiotic since the swelling has gone down, but they still don't know why he is in so much pain. They also had a shrink come and take a look at Chris in case this was all tied to some sort of mental issue and he was somehow faking it all along. The shrink just said the pain was a valid physical problem and just recommend a therapist for some of his situational depression and managing his HIV. It was funny because when Chris asked if he could find him a therapist who was okay with him being a gay babyfur, the shrink just smiled at him, nodded, and immediately gave out a name. I think the therapist may have been a furry himself because he had a charm bracelet that had a lot of pawprints and animals on it, plus he immediately knew what Chris meant when he said he was a furry and asked the shrink.

Other than that Chris has almost been here a week and is just struggling to be comfy and keep the pain managed during the now 6 days he has been here. The doctors are gonna do what they call a small intestine follow through tomorrow which is an x-ray test involving barium. They are not gonna do the exploratory surgery just yet even though Chris said he was at his wits end and would consent the surgeon thinks he wont find anything and doesn't want to do a "unnecessary" operation.
If the doctors here at North Kansas City continue to be stumped, they are talking about transferring him to The University of Kansas Hospital, or they also mentioned referring him to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The transfer would be to these hospitals because they have a highly recommended diagnostics dept and the ability to deal with this situation a little bit better.

Edit Added on 6/23/12

The Barium follow through was completed this morning as well as a renal ultrasound, both were inclusive and yielded no result. Urology consulted this morning while Chris was asleep, they said there might be a plaque build-up causing kidney stone like symptoms but its unlikely, they don't want to do surgery either yet.
Chris has been rather lethargic today, he didn't remember the urologist talking to him nor did he remember the renal ultrasound even though he was woken up for both procedures. The doctors say its all a side effect from the Ambein at night.
Chris wanted me to say that he sends his love and hugs to you all. He hopes this is all over soon so he can talk to you himself.
Please don't hesitate to call his room at 816-691-1951, or send him a cheer card at www.nkch.org and click on where it says cheer cards. He really enjoys hearing from all of you it makes his day. Thank you!

More updates to come, and please continue to support Chris during this difficult time.

- Auva
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
OMG I didn't know what had happened to you. I Hope you will be okay. please, please be okay
6 years, 11 months ago
thank you bro ill try
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