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Respones to the crap Starfox characters say to me

Fuck yall, I was bored!

(Slippy) Woah! Help me! - Yeah (giggle) I'm not going to do that...
(Falco) I guess I should be thankful - I guess you should. Now bend over.
(Falco) Pretty smooth flying fox -  Because I rule
(Peppy) Incoming enemy from the rear. Drop altitude. - Ha. From the rear XD
(Peppy) Aim for the open spots - That's what she said!
(Peppy) You're becoming more like your father - I want to go cut myself...
(Peppy) I'll take care of everything below - XD
(Peppy) You're becoming a better pilot - I'm a fox. What do you expect?
(Slippy) Slippys hit - Slippy should get the fuck out of the way!
(Slippy) I'm monkey food if I don't leave - You're fox food if you do!
(Falco) I guess you're good for something - That's what I thought about you when I hired you. Now bend over.
(Peppy) Looks like the pollution has started - AAAAH SO MANY BOMBS! SHUT UP AND HELP ME! OOOH! A ring!
(Slippy) How's the blue marine fox? - Just keep swimming Just keep swimming Just keep swimming swimming swimming
(Falco) This thing will never hold together - Better hope it does or you'll need a new bum-buddy
(Peppy) Do a barrel roll - You think?
(Slippy) Keep shooting! We've got lots of torpedoes! - Give a fox a big rod-shaped object XD
(Peppy) I've got a bad feeling about this fox - Thanks. I needed that. I'm not already terrified because it's pitch fucking black.
(Slippy) Yeah YEAH - That's what your mom said
(Slippy) Yippee you did it! - Thanks. Didn't notice. Hate you slippy. Go fucking kill youself you prancy bastard!
(Peppy)  Follow your fathers example fox - FLIPSEEDOO! I'm sad now.
(Katt) We're closing in on them falco - Hi. It's me Fox. Falcos over there. Stupid cat.
(Katt) Beautiful! I could kiss you for that - No. Please don't.
(Katt) Make way for Katt - STOP CALLING ME!
(Falco) Back off fox - Fuck you. Now bend over.
(Peppy) His armors tough, use bombs wisely - Fuck you, I've got eight!
(Peppy) Your father helped me like that too - I hate you.
(Slippy) Fox! Get this guy off me! - Sorry. Missiles are more important.
(Katt) Beautiful, I could kiss you for that - WHAT DID I SAY?
(Slippy) Don't worry Slippy's here! - FUUUUUUUCK!
(Peppy) They're on me I'm getting careless! - No, you're getting old.
(Falco) Watch out fox! - AAAAAAAAH!
(Peppy) Everything ok? - NO I'M DYING! OMFG I DID IT!
(Wolf) Don't get too cocky starfox - isn't that your job? giggle
(Andross) Only I have the brains to rule lylat -  Blow it out your ass! Oh wait! I already blew it up!

In case you didn't realize... I. AM. HILARIOUS!!!
Aslo a little drunk...
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