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Furry Theme Songs (5 slots)

Ok so I was given an idea at Anthrocon and that was that every furry has a fursona, why not give them their very own theme song?

So I will take this challenge on and be opening 5 slots for musical theme songs that will be all just for you and your fursona.

The price for each song will be just $5 that is cheaper than many Conbadges. The song will be roughly 1:30 to 3:00 mins depending on the complexity of the person I am doing it for.

All I will need from you is a picture or discription of what character I am making it for and a short discription of the personality so I can get a theme going in music that will best suit your character.

=) let me know if you are interested I am seting up all that paypal stuffs now.

If I get alot of folks wanting this It will be first come first serve.

PS: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/redreynart/ I mostly hang out on FA and am new to IB so no musics in my gallery yet. So check me out on FA too if you are interested.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Few questions,
1>Instruments involved?
2>Can they have lyrics?
3>Can you capture emotion as well as a character's feel?
4>MUST it be for a fursona?
5>Can a person have more than one song made for them?

PS> Mizzyam sent me.
7 years ago
To Answer all your questions.

1. Insturments involved will be anything I can muster up with my synthesizers/keyboards, Electric Guitars, Drummachines, violins, cellos, and flutes. =P I have a large arsenal of sounds at my disposial so I can get something close to what you want.

2. I never have sung a day in my life so I don't think I can do a song justice. But I can write in lyrics for an instumental piece if you wish.

3. Emotion through music isn't that difficult to capture. Alot of the music I write has alot of emotion in it when I write it. <.< just check out my gallery on FA. Alot of my music is dark. (reason is music to me is like poetry and I like dark poetry) Though alot I do with my brother is energetic and inspiring. Same with alot of my house music.

4. Well its furry theme songs which I was originally going for, but a theme song for anything really will do just fine. Other wise what do you have in mind?

5. XD why not? :P Im currently charging only $5 a short song that is anywhere from 1:30 mins to 3:00 mins depending on complexity. Relitivly short songs ^^  So if you want a few songs from me then =D I wont discourage you.

6 years, 12 months ago
I think I will commission a song from you, do want the details of what I want here or in a PM?
6 years, 12 months ago
You can PM me all the details <.< You can say more in a pm.. XD so you don't miss any details.
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