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Anyone know where to find California Furries? + i need to say whats on my mind please don't hate me.

So like the title says does anyone know any California furries? I need to know D: I know like 3 furries here in my home town n we don't have meet ups D: help me please I'll be your friend n I have muffins


Ok guys I want to say something about the fandom, no im not saying im leaving or insulting it, But I really have to know.... where is the central icon of the fandom? I mean you have your artist, writers, animators, and etc. but I mean like what makes the Furry Fandom stand out like in Homestuck fandom the creator is the person who keeps the Home Stuck fandom alive. I think back to my first day I became a furry and furry fandom was getting a lot of new comics, pictures, etc. but when SoftPaws came to a sad end a lot of artist in the fandom (i think) have lost some ideas for comics (still this what I think). I really want to know how the furry fandom came to freeze (by that I mean nothing is new and fresh to talk about just a lot of people abandoning comics because of delays). I was at a formal stuck (HomeStuck again :P ) and me and my friend were talking about how the furry fandom is at a stop moment (he knows I'm a furry) so I just want to say this..... (this just a idea) furries should find others and just do something (no furpiles thats at con's ;3) like break dancing, wearing bell bottoms, or playing the donkey Kong's :P (The lorax) I plan (and hope) to find other California furries (near the San Diego community) to just to hang out talk about comics, artist, hell even about porn :P (jk jk.... unless you want to :o) so thats all I have to say and you want to bark, hiss, or even yell/rant at me for saying this well go ahead Im just speaking whats on my mind u cant blame me right?

To make it clear I made this journal not to hate on artist, writers, animators, or other furries I love the furry fandom its my family (spiritually) :) I just want to make sure the furry fandom doesn't die out in near future :)
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
Wish I lived there but ohio is far from you. hugs and want muffens myself, ''sobs''
6 years, 7 months ago
*hugs n hands u a muffen* :3
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