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Kitty Update: A Bit of Insight

Sup everyone?  I know that some of you were wondering what the hell I was talking about on Thursday.  I'll explain and no names shall be mentioned.  But the message will hit home.  It started a while back as an old friend offered us a new start at the Dells.  It was in that time he asked his roommates if they can help him out at AnthroCon like they normally have for whatever past years.  This time they have declined except one.  Fast forward to the present time and our friend had no other choice but to ask me and Blaze to help him out.

Now, without giving it away(!), this position is crucial to the convention.  If he is to be shorthanded, other attendees will be extremely upset and our friend will be worn out as all hell at the very end of the convention.  At the same time, he has A) offered us a second chance to land new jobs B) offered transportation to and from work for both shifts literally screwing up his sleep schedule C) Co-signed for the apartment that we were approved but was only short income wise D) Helped us move our old stuff from 3 hours away and E) offered us travel to AC at the expense of randomly hitting a deer along the way.

Our friend has gone WAY above and beyond to make sure that we are okay and  helping him in that position is just the start of ultimately paying him back.  That being said, the moment we've finally arrived, I've decided to post a journal update to here, SF and LJ now that I'm finally updating all of my sites that I go to.  Afterwards I've talked to the chairman alone about the department I was offered to partake in.  He responded: "We're not suppose to talk about that in public."

Apologies said, right away I thought Oh shit! I have to delete what I've just posted.  As I was deleting the LJ and SF journals, our friend came to me and said "Please remove whatever you said about the department you are in."  I've asked "Let me guess (Your roommate) called."


Afterwards I was upset by that because not only that nobody had told me "Do not discuss what department you're in to anybody." But the person who refused to help my friend and stay back got the nerve to look at my journal and ratted me out.

-Just because you declined the offer to help your roommate, doesn't mean you have to be a stool pigeon miles away as if I'm trying to pull something.  Oh and by the way, I'm not a certain registered pedophile that pulled the same thing years ago.-
(No offense to the one I'm referring to.)

You know, a "Thanks for making sure that position is stable.  I'm sure it sucked that you barely had any time to yourself." would have been nice too.  Meh, that's fine.  Sorry for creeping a few of you guys out Thursday.  I thought that leaving everything to them and not helping would be the only move.  But actually doing the job and realizing what would happen had I not been there would absolutely suck if he did all of the procedures by himself.

*Now, it's AC picture time!*

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6 years, 7 months ago
" registered pedophile? "  I certainly hope you were defending yourself against this and accusing someone else.
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