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The community has a name...!

Thats right, peeps! I've finally figured out a name, with the help of my friend Carius Demetrios. So do you folks wanna know what it is?! Well, DO YA?! Well, the name is....


So why Dark Keba, I hear you ask? Well I wanted something special and unique. As you guys know, I wanted to keep away form terms like "Yiff" and "Furry", which isn't as easy as you may think. And Keba means "Fluff" in japanese, so in essense, the community is called Dark-Fluff :P So now the site has a name, when will it open? Well, all I can say on that front is expect things to be up and running within two months. Why two months? Because that give me and Chris-no-baka to get things edited, recoded (if need be) and tested. BUT I will be making a "Coming Soon" page next time I get some money so I can by the .com domain ^.^ On that page there will be a Dark-Keba twitter updater, so you folks can keep upto date with everything that's happening with the sites progress. Ofcourse I'll be keeping things upto date on here too, but not as regularly but not as often as the Twitter.

So, what is there to expect from this new Dark-Keba community? Well it'll be a true hub for all aspects of the community to call home. Most communities are geared to one thing, or only a couple of things, and with Dark-Keba I plan on changing all of that. This community will be geared to everyone and every aspect of the fandom. From Fursuiters to writers, artists, animators and the rest of you! There will also be Tutorials, interviews, contests and so on. Ever wanted to learn how to make your own Fur Suit? Well, (hopefully) there will be tutorials for that! You can also expect to see User Generated Columns and Articles. Have you ever wanted to write a monthly column about your favorite subject but not really had a place to do it where it'll be seen? On Dark-Keba you'll have your chance to shine! I strive to make this place a community thats made by the community FOR the community. But at the beginning, we'll be starting small.

At the beginning it'll just be the site and a forum. Ofcourse I'll add the columns and articles as they come, all of which will be on the main site. A chatroom will also be added along the line, depending on the sort of traffic Dark-Keba generates. But let me get things straight. The chatroom itself will be hosted on a seperate server, which means that'll take money. And money is something I lack, so the chatroom and it's server will be kept up by User Donations. Ofcourse I'll put any money I can into the Chatroom funds, but if there isn't enough donations by the time the Server Bills needs to be paid then we loose the chatroom untill the money is raised. Everything else will be fine, because the website and the forums will be hosted for free on my friends Server. He just doenst think his server can take a chatroom, hense the need for a seperate one.

So, if that all sounds good to you guys, I'd LOVE for you to come join Dark-Keba once it's open! And when I have that "Coming Soon" page up, I'll post a link to it here. Anywho folks, I'm signing off. Take care, peeps!
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
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