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Milestone reached!-level Up!

the first 31 strips of Cute Bun have now been posted
I like to think of them as a daily no calorie fortune cookie
or a daily meditation?
ether way  the first month of strips has been posted-my how time flys
starting Friday I am going to be posting chapters of my anthropomorphic novel
Open Season

in it's original *Short* chapter format, one each friday so you all have something to look forward to
(hmmm or I could post them on monday, but everyone hates mondays...whadda ya think folks?)


i have once again taken up my much neglected tarot deck and have started daily readings again
now for me, personally the Tarot is at it's heart Just pretty pictures printed on card-stock, but it is what those pictures tell me in their given position in the reading that i interpret their particular message they are trying to convey. for those of you not aquainted with the Tarot, think of them as "road signs on the highway of life" if the reading indicates 'Lane Ends - Merge Left' and you continue on as before, than you have only yourself to blame for the situation you find yourself in. I am NOT a 'fatalist' Tarot reader, nor do i subscribe to "reversed cards" I take the whole reading into account for the advice I am seeking for the particular session that has come from my background in Ceremonial Magick
(this year marks my 40th year in those studies)

my how time flys when you are having fun! i can say unequivocally that the path of magick is NOT for everyone. for once you step foot on the path, you can NEVER go back. once that doorway is opened and you have seen the wider reality that lays beyond you will be forever changed. enlightenment works like that, does that mean that you can not quit, turn your back on it and walk away, No, sure you can, life is all about choice after all, but you will always now that there is more to the world than what can be sensed with the 'mundane' seances.  (just an FYI, theoretical physicists are now speaking the same language to describe the world around them that  magicians have been using for hundreds of years)

the reason for this unusual post is  i am going to be beginning a more in-depth study of an area of the path so things are going to get... wonderfully interesting!

if you have any questions, feel free to ask! no such thing as a stupid question, so if anything hee has piqued your interest, give in to temptation and ask!
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