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commissions?! maybe

cuz i have no idea where the hell silver is atm... i had some time to think about commissions and stuff and i think i give it a try.
and i wanted already some time b4 to start with commishes as soon i can make interactive flashes and well i think iam so far now XD
of course iam not so epic as h0rs3 but i do my best i can do with this old pc here

first i dun do any models for sl or any games...

i wont do something with humans and i struggle with using CCs like krystal, renamon, spyro and so...
aside from that i dun see something else what i wont do (tranform-stuff maybe)

-max 3chars
-resolution usually 1920x1080 (if you want another size tell me)
-any fetish i can think of atm

animations and interactive flash:
-max 2chars
-standart size here is 1280x720 (but ya can ask for another one as well :P)
-"normal" sex, sex with bondage, tentacles, machines, machines+bondage and simply toying or fapping (like a char riding a dildo or so)

now to the prices:
the prices will depend on the complexity of the character i have to make, but you have to pay only once for making the character
(means if you commish me again you dun have to pay for the char again :3)

all the prices are just examples... we make it simply so that you show me your char/s and tell what you want and i think about it tell you a price then^^

prices for chars can be from 5-10$ for simply chars like this to 10-20$ for chars like this or this without complex textures or parts and end by 20-40$ for chars like this or this where i spend 15-20hours to create em.
and i still cant create everything but i try^^ i like little challanges :P

cant really figure out the prices for pics cuz sometimes i work on a pic so long like on a animation if its comes to 3 chars and so but i think 5$ for a solo char to 30-40$ for 3chars with complex scenery.

for animations i have no idea about the prices either but i try to give some exaples, but the final price will be depending on the complexity and length...
i still havent made much interactive flash-projects but i wanna do only interactive flash in the future^^

for the really simple stuffed dragon (ok this looks abit shitty at some parts but after i made it the 3.time from beginn i was abit frustrated) one i think there 30-35$ ok
and for roasted roo something around 50$

a 30 frames loop of a single char bound up and fucked by a machine would be 10-25$ ok + 3 different camviews or one (maybe 2) speedup for free

and it would help me alot especially by animations if ya can watch me on stream or we chat at least over any im like skype or so for questions and make sure that i do it exactly like you want

and if ya want to have some fun with an char of mine like Jade or carlos or anyone else is fine and i think i would give a little bonus there but for other chars like royal, silver, ravi or whoever pls ask thier owners first and tell them to give me the ok over a pn or so...

soo what else? ya pay if iam done with your thing and only over paypal... if i forgot anything tell me pls or ask^^

i dun promise can i really do commissions or but i wanna test it

soo what ya think about that? lemme know
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
i def am interested but dont get payed till the 22nd :(
6 years, 9 months ago
well cuz you pay if iam done... why not already talking about what you want and stuff?^^
gonna add you to skype :P
6 years, 9 months ago
i could be interested, would need to figure out how much a 3D model version of my character Cookie would cost before hand though
6 years, 9 months ago
I will get 1 or maybe a few commission from you soon :3 but i am currently saving for a Fur meet im plaing to go to at the end of the month,
and you already have my model pre made. but i am hoping to get a few of my tentacles and yiff machine ideas animated :3
6 years, 8 months ago
hehe feral dragon gets raped by tentacles? yay :P
6 years, 8 months ago
Yes <3
6 years, 8 months ago
Hehe id definitly be interested in getting a commishion from ya wouldnt be to hard for me to scrape up the funds id probably go for a picture first then maybe go for an animation. But let me know what you think ^^
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