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The dangers of God Modding

The dangers of God Mods

So another user on another Site (not TNSC) has been banned from said site.  
Reasons were not given, but we're pretty sure it was some stupid reason, personal conflict, or some other arbitraty thing that really had no need in being enforced.

We are not going to name the site in question, since we do not know the detals.

But when you have awesome artists, and BAN them for being artists so that crap artists get more attention on your OHSOSUPERBIG website, you WILL lose a lot more than just that one awesome artist.

This is especially true if said artist has to pay their bills from their art, and you banning them means they can no longer pay their bills.

Acorn asked someone an honest question, and is now banned from that site - FROM A FUCKING QUESTION!!!
I've seen a whole lot worse happen on that site!!

So, to help her out - we here at DWS/TNSC are letting eveyone know, she is on IB:

She is an awesome artst, and wants her followers to know where they can find her and commission her for awesome arts.

We here at DWS/TNSC feel that the Nazi style of moderation is stupid, and leads to more issues than happy users.
A community is NOT a community without its users, so the users should be the owning party of a community site, not some admin staff build up.

That is they way we run TNSC, and we have YET to actually have to enforce our only rules: Don't Harass, Don't Spam, and Don't break the law!

Based on what we have seen of this issue, we see no reason for this awsome artist to have been banned.

We also don't like God Modding.  Our Admin Staff is so small becuase of that.  Every possible Admin not only has to be interviewed by the founder and/or two admins, they have to be TRUSTED.
We can't let our Admins abuse any kind of power... and will not allow it.

We also never need a user to pay for the site, since we have NO need of putting the money into it ourselves.
An open platform where all can be freely shared without ridicule from staff or other members - and FREE then, now, and forever!

That's The TNSC Community


Wanna be drawn into a comic series for free??

Cotten has seen a couple of people he may add into TNSC's Comic "Headcase"

However, we are both sad to see a lack of response to this wonderful offer - to have your fursona drawn into an (adult) comic series based on what he sees you do on TNSC Chat...

It costs nothing and TNSC will always remain a completely free site for users to participate in.

So, if you would like a shot at having your character drawn into TNSC's new comic series, "Headcase" just follow these simple steps:

1.  Point your browser to http://tnsc.thrill.to (TNSC's official Domain)
2.  Head on over to the Adult Chat (Chat Menu > Adult Chat)
3.  Setup a description and include at least 1 ref pic.  (Up to 5 are allowed) - Can be any pic of your character.
4.  Type in the name of your character (or username) and join the fun on TNSC Adult Chat
5.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  (Just to make sure Cotton notices you)

Cotton is the one working on the comic.  He will need to be on the chat with ya for him to notice you.  (Though Cotton's FA says he's female, we will call him a he.)
Cotton will be there fairly often since he will be needing to use scenes from the chat to keep the comic going.  (I know he's on there more often than Drako at times.)

While there is a list of things Cotton will not include in the comic, (found here - http://tnsc.activeboard.com/t49508358/wanna-be-in-a-co...)  all are still welcome to come join the fun on TNSC's Adult Chat!

Don't forget, TNSC is at http://tnsc.thrill.to

You are also free to post your stuff to any other part of TNSC!


TNSC Art Contest - June 2012

The latest winner is:
Spring walkway [commission] - http://www.y-gallery.net/view/869292/
by shadowsani - http://www.y-gallery.net/user/shadowsani/

This Month's Nomination Theme:
Characters in underwear - Yep, fursonas or other characters wearing underwear.

This Month's Voting Theme:
Showering in Public

Nomination and Voting Deadline:
July 1, 2012

Nominate and Vote at http://tnsc.thrill.to
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