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150 Watchers + Question

I recently reached 150 watchers, and wanted to express my thanks to all of you. The amount of people reading and liking my work has thoroughly blown me away, and I'm happily surprised. So thank you, for taking the time just to click on any of my stuff, and thank you for every favorite, every comment, and every watch.

With this milestone, I’m also revamping the gallery’s thumbnails, giving each world setting it’s own radial icon to better distinguish continuities and locations. For instance, the sergal twins have an icon, while each Holy Shit country will have their own. To further this, I’ll be listing basic info about the worlds in my page’s description, briefly overviewing what to expect from a setting or cast.

Now a bit of a questionnaire if you’ll indulge me. What made you find me? What made you watch me? The writing itself, the concepts, the characters, the kinks, the extreme-ness, all combined, what caught your eye? Are you here for the messy sewage stuff, the extreme abuse or snuff, or maybe the more tame things like Sleepover? Do you have a favorite setting/world?

Finally, much like the end of The Trip, I have some backlog to finish and post. All of these should go up eventually, so this is just influencing the order of operations. Feel free to suggest one to take priority:

Bestiality with a felkin. Has some teen moments. No ws/scat, but has cockfucking.

The first story about the ‘canon’ Azure and Verdant in the Draahnkyrn Republic world that Prospect takes place in. Has plenty of toilet slavery and cub with age difference.

Continuation of Showmanship, where the siblings become full on adult stars. Some piss probably, but more tame than the others. Focus of wholesome arousal, with a segment majoring in female chastity.

A really BIG story about semi-forced public nudity compared to the simple idea it started from.

The 'mean' timeline for the Prospect series. Not as complete or compelling in my opinion, but it works for a more forced/breaking mood.

Otherwise the shadow of OIL continuously looms, with another sergal twins story also in the works, and another Holy Shit country 1 explanation story involving belly popping. Even if you don't wish to respond, thank you once more, I truly appreciate the interactions and inspiration you've all given me.
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Added: 3 months, 1 week ago
3 months, 1 week ago
Hey, congrats on the milestone! You certainly deserve it!

I followed you because of your Snowday series. I gotta say I LOVE the premise of it and everything about it hits just the right buttons. (The extremely casual and open sex, the acceptance of the siblings mother of their relationship, the kinks, and the affection) Your other works in your non extreme are also good, although they can't touch the Snowday series in my eyes. I don't really have an appetite for your more extreme stuff but that's just me. I found you because of the helpful tags you had in the image when I was browsing for mother/son/daughter incest stories.

Can't wait for the continuation of the Snowday/Showmanship series! Also, hope to see more consensual stories from you! Those are my favorite by far, although that view probably isn't shared by most of your viewers lol. Keep up the great work!
3 months, 1 week ago
Thank you so much for the response! It really helps to know why a story is liked, and your input knocked it out of the park. Snowdays/Showmanship is something I've really been meaning to get back too, just been waiting for a gap in the super kinky thoughts to inspire that uncorrupted wholesomeness they need. It's actually really nice to hear from the audience for the less extreme stuff, thank you.
3 months, 1 week ago
I found you while searching some degenerate tags here on inkbunny. And I followed because all of your stories have a very unique method and atmosphere that I haven't seen adequately recreated by anyone else. You manage to write in such bizarre concepts and over-the-top worlds, yet the settings manage to be convincing and in-depth. And of course, on-top of that, your stuff is hot. Very hot. All around good stuff. Especially when the it involves casual extremes.

I've got no vote on what you work on next tbh. Because I know that if you write about a kink I'm not fond of, that I'll probably have some fondness by the time I'm done reading. ;P Thanks for your awesome work!!
3 months, 1 week ago
Thank you for the feedback! That is certainly intriguing, as I can't tell I produce a unique atmosphere, that's something I need outside eyes to know. So thanks for being them! This really has me thinking. Almost all that I have written in my life beside the last year or two possibly has been technical/academic. I feel like this gives my writing more of a bullet point list of scene descriptors instead of that 'painting a picture' vibe, so this might lend itself to that 'in-depth' atmosphere. I do also like my smut to have the smallest link to feasibility, especially in regards to impossible extreme things, which likely helps.

Also glad to hear that you find everything hot, it's one thing to hear that writing is good, but another to hear that it is arousing. A key discernment in regards to smut. Thanks for taking the time to respond!
3 months, 1 week ago
There's not enough artists for the truly fucked up ideas including things like living toilets, sewage consumption, legalized rape, etc.  I rather like the thought that's gone into the "Holy Shit" world, to actually kinda detail not only how fucked up the world is, but how it got there and how it's implied there's even worse areas beneath the surface of it still yet to be seen somehow.

That kind of attention to world building and the actual story isn't particularly common in smut writing or artwork, and it's a shame because even if I love smutty content I think it's nearly always enhanced by having some reasoning and story behind it if even just a little.
2 months, 3 weeks ago
I know im 2 weeks late but I only just discovered you the other day. But I do want to answer.

I found you from searching specific terms, and your thumbnails intrigued me.

I followed you because I love your stories. You hit alot of my fetishes and you hit alot of obscure ones that barely anyone else, if anyone at all, also does. Of similar stories I've read yours are my favorite. I love how extreme you go with them but its still written well.

I enjoy everything from the newborn/cub stuff, the toilet and sewage stuff, the abuse and torture stuff, and the objectifying stuff. I really like how you make the worlds and characters so casual about such extreme subjects and situations.

My question for you is, do you think you'll ever take commissions? I love your themes and writing styles and would A. Like to contribute simply to help you keep writing and B. Would love to see specific ideas and stories from you.
2 months, 3 weeks ago
Don't worry, there isn't a time limit or anything, all responses are appreciated no matter when!

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad my telling of obscure kinks is good, as I'm quite familiar with the principle of how the more outlandish it is, the lower quality it is. Not to say that there isn't great stuff along the same lines, but I started writing purely from how there wasn't enough of my specific kind of toilet stuff, or how I'd find a story that is perfect beside for one thing that doesn't align with my interests. Then I'm also a sucker for casual exposure/nudity, and with having an extreme side, mixing them to casual extremes hits a lot of buttons at once, something that I'm happy resonates with people.

Commissions are a tough question, and as of now it is still probably no, but I am intrigued by them. It's not that I don't want to listen to other's ideas, much of my current projects are not purely my ideas anymore, having some added input/refinement from peers, though it would need to be an idea I have a vested interest in. My issue is that I'm terribly lazy and writing is a minor hobby that I do step away from at times, I am not a prolific writer and lack motivation to finish my own projects often. I also have no clue how to do commissions, completely foreign to me lol.
2 months, 3 weeks ago
I've wanted to write before for the same reason but I've never gotten around to it. It overwhelms me.

But I hope you atleast start a ko-fi. Id love to support you and im sure others would too.
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