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Fundraiser Sketchfest!

Heya guys! How have you all been?

Bad things have been happening here in this potato's home. So if you would like to have a quick, cheap commission done by yours truly, participate in an art raffle where you might win a sweet commission, AND help me out with some of the fresh debt I just took in, then you are in the right place \o/

How does it work?
On the second Saturday of April (10th), I shall host a Stream starting at 9:00 (GMT-3), where I shall be doing several quick commissions while chatting with you guys at Picarto!
Each quick commission will get 30min during the stream and called finished after that. The details will be sorted out prior to the stream though, to make sure you get something you like ;D
Everyone who gets a quick comm is also eligible for the art raffle. It's a top-tier potato commission you might get!

Nice, how do I join?
First of all, lemme thank you. Really! To join is pretty simple. Send me a note here on IB, FurAffinity, or Twitter, with the subject "Sketchfest", and we will sort it out from there! (Even if you have me on Discord, do poke me in one of these three, it helps me keep it organized ^^)

Can I help in any other way?
For sure! Sharing, liking, having any of my stuff favored, anything helps. Don't think for a second it doesn't!

What are the rules on the quick comms/raffle?
For both of these, my regular commission rules apply. You can refer to this FAQ page I have. And I'll roll for the winner on stream.

Is there a limited number of slots?
I might do a second Sketchfest Stream if necessary, it mainly depends on how many people join in :)

How much for each slot?
It is a round 10$ (USD) for each slot and just one slot per individual.
Did you know a USD buck turns into FIVE BRL bucks? That's how much difference each and every bit makes for me!

Isnt it the same if I just commission you a sketch?
My current slot list is full for a while, and my work pace slower since all of that happened. You might have to wait for a while for anything above a sketch commission. Plus, depending on your request, you can get colors and polish a sketch comm wouldn't.

I already have a commission with you atm. Can't you just work on these first?
I don't usually work on commissions on Saturdays, with a few exceptions. My current situation is an exception, so I might as well do something with it.

And what IS your current situation?
Ever since last December, I've been bombarded with a lot of difficult situations.
On top of living in Brazil (hue), I've been infected with Covid twice. Sustained weeks of agonizing gallstones crises. Out-of-nowhere veterinary bills. And barely a week ago... the loss of a dear family member, to fucking COVID.
I've burned all of my savings and some more, and now I'm in debt. This stream is a way for me to raise some money for the most urgent bills since so many unexpected ones just arrived.

I have questions!
For sure, I probably haven't covered everything about this subject, and it's my first time doing such a thing. Lemme know your thoughts, and I'll gladly reply (and update this section^^)


With all of that being said, I do hope as many of you can join us, regardless if you got a slot or not. Let's have fun! :D
And, most important of all, be safe y'all. It's a crazy world out there, now more than ever. Treasure your health, your life, and yourselves!

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Added: 1 year, 6 months ago
1 year, 6 months ago
I'd like a slot for the quickies. Not sure I'll be able to catch the stream or not. If I have to be there to grab one I'll just have to try my best haha
1 year, 6 months ago
Signal Boosted your situation, and I'll be throwing money at you asap as well. *Hugs*
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