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Wanna be in a comic?

My friend Cotton is calling for people to join TNSC as part of an audtition to be in a comic series he will be drawing up based on the events and characters on TNSC. He will be using TNSC to audition Characters - there is no guarentee all characters who join TNSC Chat will be in the comic.

´┐╝´┐╝Call for characters for the TNSC comic HEADCASE.
 Characters are needed to be able to fill this story and get it going
There are only a few limitations
Characters should be male or a hermaphrodite, [cuntboys are allowed though must somehow make it clear they are a ‘male’ so to speak.]
Characters should not be a parody of a copyrighted species. [ no pokemon, digimon, neopet, ect.]
Character can be any other animal breed beside equine.
Subs and doms allowed, switches are fantastic!
Must have a reference image of your character and be able to give a small description on their personality - These can be put on TNSC Chat's User Descriptions.
Roleplaying auditions will be held on TNSC Adult Chat in order to see if your character plays the part well enough
If you like you may be specific on the role you are auditioning for, if none is stated you are liable to be a different character or a background character being if yours fits that criteria.

Completed roles

Mix Tags –
A blue wolf male and leader of the commune. A seemingly kind and caring man, though he has his dark side. With his silver tongue he has talked many different people into his village, away from the cruelties of normal society.

Drako Tags-
Mate of Mix, this Hybrid Dragon/tiger is a friendly young man. With a good heart he tries to welcome Foalx into the community, only to end up in deep situations.  Drako has his own dark side in the Commune, usually participating in the ongoing orgies of the clan.

Foalx [unknown] -
Main character of the story; a tall and built stallion that seems to be the center of curious attention from the Commune’s members. Unsure of his place in the commune and nervous attitude towards the other’s, he finds himself working in odd jobs and even talking with Drako to easy his unsettled feelings. He eventually learns he has feelings for the Alpha’s mate and slowly becomes withdrawn, insecure of the outcome.

Call for actors

The Top Pet –
This character is the main plaything of Mix and Drako. A seemingly innocent character that usually mocks Floax’s affection; though not always verbally. Usually at Drako’s side like a loyal dog and constantly helps to start group situations with the others of the commune.

The Friend –
This character will be the one friend of Foalx’s that can be trusted fully. This character is friendly and down to earth, also things realistically. This character finds out about Foalx’s affections, but keeps it quiet so nothing breaks out in the commune. This character also does not pursue Foalx sexually.

The Snitch –
Also referred to as “The Bitch” because of their hateful and angry attitude. This character has and obsession with the Alpha and a distain towards Floax for being a wanted stud. With hatred boiling in this character’s veins, they eventually snitch to Mix of Foalx’s love for Drako to try and get the Stallion banished. A complete kiss-up to the Alpha

Mysterious man-
This character is a hidden character, only known to the alpha and rarely seen by the others of the commune. Owner of the large property the commune is built upon, holding a hefty price above the Alpha’s head just to keep the land. A slick, disrespectful character that would do anything to squeeze money out of someone.

Background characters-
Any character that does not get a main role could show up in the background or even be participating in the activities of the commune.
[note: these characters are note unimportant, they play necessary role in the comic to keep it as convincing as needed. A commune can’t just be 7 people you know.]

If you would like to try out to be in this comic series, join us on TNSC Adult Chat

You will need to write up a User Description from the chat page and include up to 5 reference pictures.

Then simply enter TNSC Adult Chat and have fun.
Simply being in the chat and having a description up while Cotton is there will enter you into the audition - but you get noticed more if you join in on any RP's in the chat.

Join us on TNSC at http://tnsc.thrill.to
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