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The proposal

This is the convo I had online with my mate on tuesday. We only see each other once a week so we rp to feel the gap

 lex Reintjes:*nuzzles you and tickles your belly some*
 § Jun 04 8:05 PM micheu@ymail.com:Eeeps.and giggles § Jun 04 8:21 PM
 Alex Reintjes:*noms on you playfully*
IM Jun 04 8:41 PM § Jun 04 8:22 PM micheu@ymail.com:Giggles pawing up at you lovingly ((this makes my nigbt )
 § Jun 04 8:23 PM micheu@ymail.com:I was a bit down but talking to you likes this just makes me think about when u are here and makes me smile
 § Jun 04 8:23 PM Alex Reintjes:Awww
§ Jun 04 8:23 PM micheu@ymail.com:I love you alex
§ Jun 04 8:23 PM Alex Reintjes:I love you too chris
 § Jun 04 8:24 PM micheu@ymail.com:-clings too-
§ Jun 04 8:24 PM Alex Reintjes:*hangs on tight*
§ Jun 04 8:24 PM Alex Reintjes:*squeezes* § Jun 04 8:25 PM micheu@ymail.com:-blushes and looks.up lovingly at daddy his bright blue eyes shim
mering with happiness as he looks directly into your eyes. In the lil cubs mouth you notice something small and shiny-
§ Jun 04 8:26 PM Alex Reintjes:What is that in your mouth? *i try to open your mouth to get it*
§ Jun 04 8:29 PM micheu@ymail.com:-blushes trying to hide it just a bit longer-§
 Jun 04 8:30 PM Alex Reintjes:*i use both my paws and open your mouth and grab the small shiny object before you swallow it*
§ Jun 04 8:33 PM micheu@ymail.com:Blushes even more as the small cub now places a paw on top of yours, he uses that paw to hold yours as he kinda kneals back on his hind legs looking up at you,being a small puppy he is unable to talk so he just noses your other paw which is holding the object. Upon investigation you see that the object in your paw is a small, round, golden object. Once more he noses it then.looks.up at you awaiting your response
§ Jun 04 8:35 PM Alex Reintjes:*blushes lots as i realize it's a ring*
§ Jun 04 8:36 PM micheu@ymail.com:Noses again before looking up at u
 § Jun 04 8:37 PM micheu@ymail.com:The lil pups heart is pounding in his chest awaiting § Jun 04 8:37 PM Alex Reintjes:*kisses you on the lips and smiles* I love you Baby
 § Jun 04 8:38 PM micheu@ymail.com:I love you too daddy § Jun 04 8:38 PM micheu@ymail.com:So is that a...
 § Jun 04 8:38 PM Alex Reintjes:Yes
 § Jun 04 8:39 PM micheu@ymail.com:Omg!!!
 § Jun 04 8:39 PM micheu@ymail.com:Hugs and clings to you
 § Jun 04 8:39 PM Alex Reintjes:*hugs back* ^^
§ Jun 04 8:39 PM micheu@ymail.com:I love you so.much alex i want to.spend the rest of my life with you § Jun 04 8:40 PM micheu@ymail.com:You just made me the luckiest and happiest man in the.world
§ Jun 04 8:40 PM Alex Reintjes:but this isn't officiall, not quite yet, you have to do it the right way :3
§ Jun 04 8:40 PM Alex Reintjes:irl § Jun 04 8:40 PM micheu@ymail.com:Ofc i will
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
^w^ congrats hun!
6 years, 7 months ago
Thank you sweety
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