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What biology does to your mind

Before biology:
Me: Oh look a little bug. Shoo.
Other: you want to kill it?
Me: It would make a mess. Let's just toss it out a window.
After biology:
Me: Woah! Look at that thing! *gets close to it*
Other: What? That bug?
Me: It's a beetle! These things are so cool. You know their shells are so heavy that they would not be able to carry it if they were as big as say a cow. They're like the tanks of the insect world.
Other: uhuh.
Me: Look at that! It moved when I poked it!
Other: yeah, they tend to do that.
Me: That's pretty intelligent for something that only has a thickened nerve for a brain. Wow look at it move! Something that small moving in such a complex way is so cool. These things are so complex. Can you imagine making a robot like that? Something that can move, act with intelligence, make its own energy, and make more of itself is so far from what we can do now.
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