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Looking for drawings/floor plans

I'd like to decorate "The Hanging Academy" with some drawings, or at least floor plans of the Academy and some rooms.  Some ideas I had:

1. The main character, Wynn, a squirrel. Anthropomorphic, *not* toonish.

2. Runner

3. The "watercolor" on the wall of Ted's living room. The description I gave is based on the drawing sqrl.jpg -- I don't know the artist.  Without the artist's permission, I can't use that one, so I'd like to have one that I _can_ use.

My other idea is floor plans.

. A typical dorm room -- enough room for 3 beds, 3 dressers, & 3 desks, but very crowded. More comfortable with the "standard" two beds (or one double bed), 2 dressers, and two desks. A bathroom and closet. A TV. A hanging platform, which stores underneath the TV when not in use. A window. (Windows facing the outside will have bars over them. Those facing the courtyard don't need them.)

. The Party Pavilion. Enough room for maybe 100 people, with a hanging platform in the center. Also doubles as an auditorium for orientation of the entering class, before they sign up to be slaves.

. Hall of Honor: long enough to handle thousands of heads, in niches 3 high along each wall.  Probably not arranged in a straight line.  Each class has one demo every month, one party every nine weeks.  So that's  around 73 (3*12 + 17) heads created each year, and the Academy is about 150 years old.  Wynn estimates that there's room to extend the  Hall of Honor for at least three more centuries.

. The Demo Room: A hanging platform in the center, room for one fur to stand comfortably. Seating for about 65 in 3 circular tiers around the platform.  Need space to walk between the benches, and 3 aisles going up the rows to allow students to reach their seats easily.

I'd also like an overall plan for the building and grounds. THere's a parking lot outside that's big enough to handle the crowd that shows up for parties (say around 70 guests, 50 vehicles). In addition to the above areas to be detailed, there are:

. A gym: big enough to accommodate 50 people at a time, working out on treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, weight machines.

. The Caf: seating for about 120, food served cafeteria style

. A courtyard where students can run, tan, play outdoor games.

. Offices (at least one for the Dean, one for the Director of Admissions, each with his own secretary). There's probably also a security officer and maybe a couple of other administrative positions.  Also some of the teaching staff -- those who aren't graduates need offices.

. Sleeping quarters, eating areas, recreation for the kitchen, cleanup, and maintenance staff.

. A student store

. Infirmary (clinic with a few beds)

. Dorms: one each for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years plus graduates.  Each class's dorm can be isolated from the rest of the school in case of honor code violations (as with Wynn & Maverick in Book 3) and for emergencies. These dorms can be in separate wings, or perhaps on different floors -- it might make sense for the Academy to be in a multi-story building, perhaps 3 floors.

Each dorm contains a single corridor, with the rooms for that dorm on both sides. There is also an locker for special equipment that is used only occasionally. There is a fire door at the end of each dorm corridor, which would close automatically if there were a fire in that dorm. In addition, the door can be closed and locked from the dorm parents' room or from the inside of the corridor. Dorm parents have the key to open it again.

Note: dorm parents' rooms are "just around the corner" from the dorm hallway — probably outside the doors that can close off one year's rooms from the others. These rooms are also larger, with a table and chairs for small conferences.

Note that the Parking lot, Director of Admissions and the Party Pavilion are outside the secured area.  Everything else is inside.


So, if anybody wants to volunteer to provide any of this, I'd appreciate it.  The floor plans can be done in PowerPoint or Visio or a CaD tool, if you like -- no rule says they have to be hand-sketched.
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