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Sara Written Description

Name: Sara
Species: Rabbit
Height: 6 feet
Age: 25
Sex: Shemale
Sexual orientation: Anything that moves and a few things that don't
Body: Top heavy, large breasts. ears stand up unless she's being ridden then she can make them hang limp as handles for the fur, blue tongue, a long, wide fluffy tail that she keeps brushed and ready to be snuggled with, Areola are glowing light blue..
Fur color: Red except for a patch of white in a heart shape on her ass and going between her legs and up across her breasts as wide as her nipples making her breasts half red and half white ending just above her breasts. the insides of her ears are blue.
Personality: Dominate and submissive if she's in the mood. she loves teasing her mate until they are begging for her cock deep in their bellies.
Preferred clothing: Tight clothes that show off her bust. Tight pants and loose skirts to show off her bulge.
Favorite food: Cotton candy
Least favorite food: all condiments.
Other facts: no smoking, drinking, or drugs.
she was originally a male rabbit named Bunny until he visited the church of Martel and changed into a shemale. now she's a member of the church, but the only thing that the church does is fuck and suck at every opportunity.

Sexual Facts

Breasts: EE, size changes depending on how much breast milk she has, but never smaller then a EE
Nipples: 1 inch long
Cock: 12 inches long, 3 inches thick
Balls: three time the size of an average males testicles
Cum volume: seminal volume is several cups
Turn ons:
Turn offs: Scat
Unique sexual traits
Pre-cum is or similar volume to her semen and gets thicker as she approaches ejaculation.
Her body has the ability to stretch to take any size or shape of cock with little discomfort.
Grape flavored cum
Bright glowing purple cum even in the dark it glows brightly.
Strawberry flavored Breast milk
Bright glowing pink breast milk even in the dark it glows brightly.
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