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Planet of the Machines - Game idea

(I had time so I am writing stuff)

Humanity has begun to explore space. And one of the vessels discovered a planet with highly advanced technology. It seems the race that lived there has long since ascended/died/left. We don't know.

What is left are the machines. They keep the whole place intact and defend it from intruders. Naturally humanity wants to gain access to this incredible stash of wealth and knowledge. But the place is a deathtrap and too dangerous for humans to colonize.
But luckily this is the future so they send robots or androids to do the job. You are one of those androids.

Space travel has become a game of corporations rather than nations. So several corporations are trying to "loot" the place at the same time. They have set up a safe perimeter on the planet from where you start the exploration.
The player first chooses the corporation he works for. This is the equivalent of factions/clans in other games. Each corporation has slightly different models of androids and a few special technology gizmo's available to use.

The game plays just like an ego-shooter. First person view (or behind the shoulder view if you prefer that) with a weapon in hand is how you move about.
There are also RPG elements as your AI grows better and better and you get stronger and gain access to more abilities.
Lastly you can also learn abilities from defeated enemies, which is a MegaMan feature :3

But not all the game is just shooting. You infiltrate, hack computers, steal, protect, transport etc... whatever would happen in a planet scale war.

Your character:
You play an android. But not of the stiff variety, but rather the kind that consists of millions of little pieces (like the replicants from Stargate TV series... just maybe not that sophisticated).
It consists of 3 main parts:
- The nanite body:
(I don't think "nanite" fits perfectly here, since they can do more usually, but I think it gives people the right idea). The number of nanites your body is composed of is your "life" or "health".
Depending how powerful your AI is you can control a certain amount of nanites. The more nanites you control the more things you can turn into or build. Also when you get hit you loose nanites and thus "life". If you fall below a certain threshold you can't control the body anymore and you fall apart. Your backup in the base is then loaded and you replicate a new body.
If you are in the field and get "wounded" you can simply absorb matter from the surroundings to regenerate your "health". Certain environments may accelerate or slow down regeneration, when certain key materials are missing. So if you stand on metal regeneration is fast, but if you are in one of the few natural places standing on grass, there is not much for you to absorb.
- The AI core:
This little sphere is solid and cannot shapechange thus limiting your minimum size when moving through tight places. It is the brain of your body and controls everything. As you collect experience the AI develops and gets more powerful. The better the level of the AI, the more nanites you can control (giving you more "life"). Also you can also hack better and learn abilities faster as you "level up".
- The Energy core:
All the energy has to come from somewhere and the energy core delivers it. Like the AI core it can't change shape and has to be constantly covered in a layer of nanites to stay stable. Once you loose too many nanites to stabilize the core it explodes (this is the usual cause of "death").
The more powerful the core, the more processing power your AI has to use to stabilize it, thus again limiting your power supply by level.
The energy is used to power all of your abilities (to varying degrees). Energy weapons and shields use the most energy. Classic projectile weapons and such use next to no energy.

So through this you get all the statuses you are used to from other RPG games. You have a level. The higher the level the more health you have and the more powerful you become.

With each level up you can specialize on certain areas. If you specialize in energy control, you need less AI power to control energy and thus can hold a stronger core to power powerful energy weapons (or shields).
Or you specialize in nanite control letting you control more of them and making them more resilient. You can form swords and shields directly from your body and act as a tank for the party.

Some ideas I had what players can focus on:
- Stealth (Camouflage skin, silent movement, etc.)
- Hacking (break open security doors, download restricted data, take control of enemy robots etc.)
- Energy (can make powerful attacks, powerful defense or even transfer them to other players making them stronger)
- Nanites (More Health and more Armor means you become tank, but if you have a large reservoir of nanites you can also distribute them to others becoming a healer of sorts)
- Senses (See enemies using camouflage, detect enemies through walls and such, becomes Scouts or Spies)

Learning the enemies abilities:
As a shapeshifting android with a constantly developing AI, you are predestined to learn from your friends/foes/environment.
You can learn by observation (although very little), through study of the remains (depending on how violently it was killed this can be much or next to nothing) hacking into it while it is still alive (if you are good enough) or simply scan it from up close while it is still alive (obviously this is the most efficient but also most dangerous version).

Typical group gameplay:
Just like in your standard MMORPG you usually need different classes or roles to complete a task. In this game a group could look like this.

Player 1) Specialized on Energy control and distribution. He uses a highpower but slow firing gauss canon to fill the role of a sniper and buffer (he lends other players in his vicinity energy they can use).
Player 2) Specialized on Nanite control and armor. He has lots of "Health" carries a big shield and a energy melee weapon (laser sword ^^). His job is to keep the sniper safe, by protecting him from attacks and healing him. The energy buff from player 1 strengthens his sword.
Player 3) Specialized on Stealth and Senses. His is the scout, warning the other of approaching patrols and opens the security gates they need to pass. In battle he takes shots at enemies from cover or from behind the tank/healer.
Player 4) Is more of an allrounder with a bit nanite and energy control. He uses a fast firing pulse laser and fights enemies approaching to mid-range. Due to his health and armor he can take a few hits even when the tank is not near so he can flank when necessary.

Some stuff at the end:
In your base (or at a download terminal when you are deep in enemy territory) you can get missions. Either solo missions or group missions. Depending on what kind of mission you take the game might play like Team Fortress 2 (fight a group from another corporation), like Splinter Cell (infiltrate the lab and get the technology out) or even large scale battles with hundreds of players as they try to conquer an enemy stronghold.

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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Dwemerish. :3

(the setting, that is)

6 years, 10 months ago
What does Dwemerish mean?
6 years, 10 months ago
The parasuffix -ish - describing something bearing resemblance to.

So Dwemerish - Bearing resemblance to Dwemer of the Elder Scrolls universe which are ancient super-intelligent elves which created an underground civilization with hundreds of mechanical cities maintained by 'animunculi' robots. The Dwemer themselves mysteriously disappeared hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago.
6 years, 10 months ago
Ah I see. Thanks then :D
6 years, 10 months ago
Well thought out !
you should shop this around to some game developers (soon as have shared it with everyone here)
6 years, 10 months ago
I dunno. An MMO ist a huge amount of work. Not many can afford that.
6 years, 10 months ago
I like it, I'll beta for yha.
6 years, 10 months ago
If you are lucky this is done when you go in retirement ^^
6 years, 10 months ago
Then I will beta it on the PS12 interactive thought headband
6 years, 10 months ago
I like it :D
6 years, 10 months ago
When the energy core is uncovered, you go boom.

Can you do it on purpose when you're gonna die anyway, so that you kill your enemy?
6 years, 10 months ago
Might be interesting to implement. Self destruct amplifiers. :3
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