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The project has started!

I'm starting a MLP Friendship is Magic RPG Maker game...some of you readers might already know that.

Wanna know more? Well...
- Player will choose from several characters (probably 3)
- The game will based on quests (some are item search, others are defeat a monster, others are just ask NPCs)
- Rule 34 scenes will be available
- The game will require multiple playthroughs to see and do everything, no matter how hard the player tries
- The game will not be 1:1 with the show (due to lack of actual graphics to make it so...for example the world itself will be built with per-designed materials I have, while the characters will use actual art)
- The game won't be a pure Rule-34 game, so expect a lot of non-adult related quests/scenes

I'm only a programer, I'm not an artist. This is pretty much a "community project"...by this I mean I'll be asking artists to "donate" (allow me to use) their pre-made work in the game, or (if any of them are willing to) help out with resources that would be needed in the game**.
I will also love it if people can drop me ideas for quests, dialog etc. I will not add everything people want (unless it's a request from a contributing artist), but I guarantee I'll read and consider everything...maybe if I don't think it fits completely I'll just change it a bit and make it fit. (check out the "currently in the works" list to see what I have so far and the type of things that might be missing)

So please, feel free to leave your thoughts or ideas in the comments below!

CURRENTLY IN THE WORKS: http://pastehtml.com/view/c02qv1i8v.html

**the name of everyone contributing will be featured along with his/her look, I won't be just randomly taking people's work without giving them credit for it.
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6 years, 9 months ago
if you can score with Queen Chrysalis, include some light vampirism during sex. it will go with the whole love Vampire thing (well in this case, Lust Vampire)
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