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Oskar's Vet Visit

Warning, some of this journal's subject matter might be considered gross.

One of our cats has for a while now been leaving bloody feces (there, gross part is over). It's taken a while to convince my mom to get it looked into. The main problem is that since the cats don't exactly go when we're looking, who, exactly, is the culprit has been unknown to us for some time. Anyway a day or so ago there was... well, let's just say it happened again, and I finally told my mom we needed to get to the bottom of it. Despite my dislike of the cats, I was concerned because there was honestly enough blood that I expressed my amazement that whichever cat it was, I was amazed they were still alive.

Suspicion fell on Oskar. He's our oldest cat now that Buffy has died. My mom took him to the vet today and although they couldn't find any signs of bleeding, or worms or anything, they did note that he'd lost a pound since he was last weighed. Indeed, my mom and I have noticed that Oskar has gotten shockingly thinner over these last couple of years; he was always a fat cat, and we sometimes called him "Mr. Tub-Tub." But now he can't be rightly called even slightly chubby anymore, so thin is he. The vet is going to run some blood tests, but they think if he is in fact the one leaving the bloody poop, that, combined with his weight loss, may point to cancer.

If it is cancer, my mom says she will have Oskar put down; she doesn't want him to suffer. After learning this, I expressed my slightly resentment towards my sister for having kept Buffy alive longer than needed when her kidneys failed earlier this year. In any even, I hope it isn't cancer. As I've made known many times before, I hate our cats... but not enough to want them to die. Especially since my mom loves them. Losing another one who's been with us for so long, so close on the heels of Buffy's death, will be pretty upsetting for her.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Sigh, I hope it's just something that can be cleared up with some anti-biotics.
7 years ago
Me too. The vet gave him some medicine for his stomach and intestines, in case it's something that can be cleared up. We'll get the bloodwork results back from them on Monday. Here's hoping.
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