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General information if you're unsure.

General rules for requests and commissions:

#1. Please have your idea and any special details ready before making the request, this includes references.

#2. In the event you don't like the initial material after its roughly drawn, we can change it for something else.  But please keep the changes to a reasonable amount.

#3. Give me a means to directly contact you for file transferring and any progress updates if you'd like to get updates on the progress on a commission or request.

#4. Be reasonable, I don't have to accept your request or commission in the scenario; I don't feel I have the ability to draw it.  I'll inform you of this before payment and after you explain the idea or commission.

#5. I'll try to get it done as soon as possible for commissions.  In the event I accepted several commissions or even just a commission, it takes priority over a request. In regards to taking on several requests, I tend to experiment with them; time completion is undetermined.

#6. Following on rule five's tail, in the event I take on several commissions.  It's first come, first serve order.

Open ended information:

#1y. On requests and commissions, I don't have any objections on the content you want me to draw.  This doesn't mean I support or endorse it either, it's just another drawing for me.

#2e. NSFW and SFW are on the table for both requests and commissions, however currently the only slot is Head for commissions.  This will probably change in the future... probably, I have a low level of self esteem on my art so its up in the air really.

#3e. Comics are in the twilight zone for me on requests, I've never really done it and the high likelihood on butchering the subject is not something I want for some ones long written out idea. Same can be said for any reference sheets one would want done.

#4t. In the likelihood you commission me, send me a message with your email so I can send an invoice through pay-pal if you don't want to pay through Inkbunny. Why an invoice? it allows you to pay over a period of time instead of all at once if you don't have it all at the moment of commission and tip if you so desire.

I'm aware all this information and block of text is silly to type up for a completely unknown artist and you're correct but it also provides a means to inform anyone else what to expect; should they think about commissioning me in the future.  Changes to this post is bound to happen.

thanks for taking the time to read this text blob and reaching the bottom.
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