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A Musing on Hypnosis (Still Alive Journal, updated already)

I'm sorry I haven't posted ANYTHING, but despite school being over, life has been EXTREMELY busy.  I've begun writing again, which makes me happy, and soon will make YOU happy when I finish some stuff.  In the meantime, I decided to post a journal just to let people know I'm still alive, still here, and still thinking about all my fans.  I'm gonna talk about hypnosis... and my personal terms for some different kinds of hypnosis/mind control.

In ascending order of severity, control, or intensity:

Level 1 - Transfixation: The victim is compelled to stare directly at a fixed point.  They are unable to look away, unable to think, unable to act... but cannot be commanded to do anything either.  Usually involves a design or bright light to serve as a focus.  Can be broken by breaking the victim's eye contact with the focus.

Level 2 - Stupification:  The victim is rendered into a stupor.  They are conscious, but cannot think or take action of any kind.  They will follow if led by the hand, but cannot be commanded to take any action.  Usually best for rendering victims helpless for further and deeper types of mind control.

Level 3 - Mesmerism: The victim is placed in a light trance.  They are aware of their surroundings, who they are, and where they are.  They can be given light and weak suggestions to alter their behavior, but cannot be commanded directly.

Level 4 - Hypnotism:  The victim is placed in a moderate trance.  The victim is usually aware of their identity and surroundings.  They can be given strong suggestions to alter their behavior or personality, or commands that would be within their nature to obey.  However, they can refuse to obey commands that would be out of their nature (telling someone to kill a loved one for example), or even break out of the trance if pressed to take those actions.

Level 5 - Deep Hypnotism: The victim is placed in a deep trance.  The victim can be unaware of their surroundings or identity if pushed deep enough.  They possess no free will of their own, and can be commanded to take any actions the controller chooses, and will obey, including actions that are against their nature or personality.   The victim is little more than a mindless servant who will obey commands willingly.

Level 6 - Brainwashing: The erasure of parts of a victim's memories or personality.  Can be done through other methods of mind control.   Using this method usually renders the victim a conscious and obedient slave, although the victim's identity might not be completely intact.

Level 7 - Reprogramming:  The complete erasure of a victim's memories or personality and subsequent addition of a completely new personality or set of memories.  The victim's identity is completely destroyed in this method.

Level 8 - Corruption: The victim's personality and identity remain intact, but are altered by an outside force, usually towards evil or sluttiness or some other desired personality trait, including complete loyalty to a person who would be a mortal enemy.  

Level 9 - Spreading Corruption: Same as level 8, but the victim can further spread the corruption to other victims, conferring the same personality changes upon them.

Level 10 - Partial Possession: An outside personality (ghost, spirit, demon, god, computer mind, whatever) enters the victim and alters their personality to its whim, allowing them to influence the host's actions.  The victim may be aware of the possession and able to resist slightly.

Level 11 - Full Possession: An outside personality completely replaces the victim's own.  The victim's mind usually goes dormant and is unable to resist at all.

Level 12 - Zombification: The complete erasure of a personality without replacing it, usually due to some sort of virus, nanobot, or similar forces.  The victim is rendered a literally mindless shell who will seek out other victims and spread the infection to friends, family, foes, or anyone who crosses their path.

Level 13- Assimilation:  The victim's mind is absorbed by a greater force, such as a hive mind or collective, rendering them little more than a mindless drone, obedient to the greater will of the controlling force.  The victim may be compelled to seek out and spread the hive's influence to others.

This is just a first draft thingie, so I might come up with more and greater variations on mind-control later and add 'em to the list, but for now, this is what I thought of writing just to let people know I'm alive.  In general, I've found that my stories usually fall around level 5...  But most of the stuff I'm working on right now for upcoming stories falls near level 9-13.   I might also work on a series of pics with someone like Sally Acorn demonstrating each of the different stages... or better yet, find someone to commission to do that. >;3

*Shrugs.*  I dunno.  I know it's random, but it's something interesting I was thinking about earlier.  Hope you enjoyed reading it, and I'll have more to come as soon as I can get some REAL writing done.  Rock on, folks!!!
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
You know, hypnosis can only be done to willing subjects.  Which I suppose could be used to add a layer of insidiousness to hypnotic mind control.
6 years, 8 months ago
Yes, in real life.  This is more of a fictional list of mind control types, obviously. ^_^
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